…and it starts!

Today my husband came to me with two unopened beautiful cans of ginger snaps and he asked, “where would you like me to put these?”  I suggested he put them on the dining table in the kitchen and replies with how he wants to have a house one day where we can have a place for everything with a purpose.  I remember thinking “well, we do aim to eat those one day” then it hit me…. why in the world do we have so much stuff?  Then that lead me to think why does our house get so messy that we have to dedicate our days off cleaning it? If we didn’t make such a big mess, we could spend less time cleaning, and if we can spend less time cleaning, then we can just start enjoying each others’ time and company.  Today I realized that we need to have less stuff.  To have our house in a state where everything DOES have its place and purpose.  We don’t need to wait for a bigger house to start this. In fact, it may be important to start good habits now instead of struggling to change them later on.


2 thoughts on “…and it starts!

  1. Brittney Gantt February 14, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    This is very true. Organization is the keep to a decluttlered life, and it will change our lives.


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