Operation Declutter: Mission Underway

So after doing a little of research on how others were able to get organized (and stay that way!) and after tackling the decluttering project for the last 48 hours…there are THREE things that I learned so far…
  • Establish FOUR different piles and sort accordingly:
    • Trash – Stuff you do not need, will not be used by anyone else.
    • Donation – Stuff that you haven’t used in over a year, can be used by someone else.
    • Sell – Stuff you haven’t used in a while and can make money from selling it.
    • Keep – Stuff you use on the regular basis and cannot part with (yet).
    • This is the reason why you should not let things become clutter (spend less time cleaning/spend more time living!)
    • It is so gratifying to look at a room you’ve been working on and see that everything there has a place and a purpose.
Today I found out that I have a loveseat!  Seriously, I haven’t seen this in weeks.  Note to self: the sofa and loveseat are for: sitting, reclining, napping, and lounging.  It is not a shelf, waste basket, coat holder, etc.  The bedroom has been tackled and now the livingroom is also decluttered.  Over the next few days the goal is to take all donations to Goodwill/Salvation Army and sell the stuff to be sold. 

2 thoughts on “Operation Declutter: Mission Underway

  1. chase simon September 19, 2014 / 10:14 pm

    Your are defiantly on a cleaning spree here! That is a nice gesture to donate them. Nice to see people doing the right thing instead of trying to make a dime on something!


  2. jake cake March 29, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    I do this once a month with my clothes. I go through clothes like it's yesterday! I sort out my clothes by: sell, keep, give to brother, or donate it. If I smaller clothes, I usually pass it on to my younger brother (just like I do with my school uniforms). It is very time-consuming and it makes you feel good about getting rid of stuff you don't need. I usually buy clothing every month because I get rid of a ton every month, too! This is a great way to find missing items, if you like the items anymore, or if you just want to give it away.


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