Sock/Underwear Drawers – Conquered!

WOW!  So here’s what I did…I emptied out my two top dresser drawers on to my bed (hence the Before picture).  After sorting through by throwing away undergarments I am never going to wear again and overused socks that needed to desperately retire (holes, tears, stains, evidence wear etc). The whole process between the Before picture and the After picture took less than one hour!  This project has made me realize that I have more socks than underwear & bras combined.  I think I just realized what I really want for Valentine’s Day. *smiles*


One thought on “Sock/Underwear Drawers – Conquered!

  1. Erin Motyka September 14, 2014 / 12:40 am

    You are doing a lot of cleaning! Good for you!


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