Car Trunk Mission Accomplished!

I went to the store with a co-worker of mine because we were shopping for another co-worker’s house warming gift.  When we got to the car I immediately opened my backseat door so we can put our gifts in the back of the car.  I realized that I didn’t know what was in my trunk. Why don’t I ever use my trunk to hold things that I buy when I go shopping?

So the next day I opened my trunk and decided to empty it.  I found old textbooks, a dvd player, feathers *smiles*, CDs, and so many other things that didn’t belong there.  Now all my trunk has in it is my spare tire, tools to install my spare tire if needed, jumper cables, and an umbrella. It was great loading all of my groceries in there tonight. *Smiles*


5 thoughts on “Car Trunk Mission Accomplished!

  1. My dad always puts his garden tools and gadgets in the trunk when he goes places and it drives my mom crazy when she goes to buy groceries and finds a bunch of tools in the trunk. Sometimes it is hard to clear out the trunk because I have no where else to put all the random stuff I find but once it is clean and clear, it seems like there is a world of extra space.


  2. Well…we do forget to arrange our things, from time to time.And before we know it,a mountain of things will look back at us, as if they are mocking us.I know that feeling a bit too well TT.TT

    Anyway,great job in cleaning all that stuff 😀


  3. Congratulations on cleaning out your trunk! Those things can get really REALLY messy!
    Lucky I rarely put anything in my trunk (as that would bother me) but I see it happen with my dad all of the time. Hahahaha


  4. I think my girlfriend needs some tips from you! Her trunk looks worse than what yours did, and she cleans it but it never stays clean. However, nice cleaning job! Now you have room for more stuff, keep it an organized mess though!


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