Why I decided to take a break from Facebook?

It’s 2 days into the month and I’ve already had 3 close calls in me opening Facebook.  It has become evident to me that Facebook had become integrated into my daily routine and I’ve decided that I did not like that.  Late August I decided to do a 30 day challenge of not logging on to Facebook.

My friend Isabela had challenged me a little while back for us not to get on Facebook for a week and at the time I thought the idea was absurd.  Why would I not log on to Facebook it’s my primary way of staying in touch with friends and family. After that though I started to notice that I barely had any contact with my friends and family.  I gave the occasional comment on their posts and ‘likes’ but I never really had any conversations with anyone.  So that’s when I decided September 1st I will be taking a break from Facebook.  I even announced it on my Timeline.  I had suggested that if anyone wants my phone number, email, or even mailing address they could send me a private message for my info.  Not one person did.

Facebook had ruined my social life.  There was a time in my life where I would wake up in the morning, look down at my phone and it would show me that I had 12 new text messages.  Those days are over it seems…it’s time for me to reach out to my close family and friends and establish communications again.

I deleted Facebook from my iPad and my Blackberry.  I asked my husband if there was a way for me to block myself from the facebook website on my laptop.  He said there is a way he can block the site and require a password to access it but he said it’s more important that I practice self control. *sighs* I guess this is why it’s a challenge.

Dare I say it?  Am I a Facebook Addict?


10 thoughts on “Why I decided to take a break from Facebook?

  1. Not sure if my comment posted or not so I am typing it again.
    Good luck on your FB Challenge! I know you can do it! I was off of it for a month a few months ago due to some personal stuff that happened with some of my online friends. You'll see that it isn't that hard around the 15th. 😉
    I used to be a FB Addict but now I just don't care. LOL

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    • Actually, you are absolutely correct. It seemed like a really hard task not to log on but after a couple of weeks I barely noticed it. Thank you for commenting. I am now back on Facebook but I’m not nearly as obsessed with it as I was before.


    • There is definitely truth to your statement. I think too many people think that since they ‘liked’ or commented on your FB status or post that that’s enough communication.


  2. Something that I cannot stand about social media is it is destroying our interpersonal communication. There was a time where us humans would actually talk with each other at dinner without the phone plastered to our faces, actually write letters and maybe talk face-to-face with others. However, I am glad you are taking strides to fixing this and being more social with face-to-face interactions!

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    • Thank you. I’ve definitely found myself encouraging those that I dine with to not use their phones (with exception of taking pictures) particularly if we haven’t seen each other in a while and want to capture the moment.


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