Wisdom Teeth Removed

I decided that when I have kids and I have the opportunity to let them have all of their wisdom teeth taken out I am going to approve it when they are younger – so they don’t have to remember it.   I had two of mine removed, both on the right side.

Thursday evening was when I had it done. Probably the most painful part of the procedure was with the anesthetic dentist needle, which they had to do 7 times because apparently I am not supposed to feel any sharp pain while they are pulling the teeth.  After the 7th one I convinced myself that if it didn’t work I am just going to lie because those needles were so painful, I was willing to risk feeling the actual extraction.  The 7th one worked thankfully and they were able to pull out the bottom and top wisdom teeth without a problem.  He stitched me up and told me to not have any solids during the next 24 hours and avoid all straws until I’m fully healed.

I was prescribed Norco but he told me to take ibuprofen if I can because it helps with the swelling too.  I found that the mornings was when it hurt the most and I found myself wanting to take the Norco.  The bad thing is when I take that stuff I get so incredibly sleepy and I am pretty much useless the rest of the day.

So far my diet has consisted of mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, yogurt, blueberry/banana smoothies, pudding, and today I treated myself to some pancakes.  Oh man, I am so ready for a REAL meal. My gums need to hurry and fully heal already.

Have you had any of your wisdom teeth removed?  What was your experience like?


11 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Removed

  1. While I have never had to have my wisdom teeth removed, I know how oral pain feels, especially the needle in the gum for the local anesthetic. I am glad you're doing well and on the road to recovery!


  2. I've never had my wisdom teeth taken out, although I think I'm getting them taken out next year. I've seen TV shows, movies, and Youtube videos where people have gotten their wisdom teeth out. I can tell that's a pain to deal with it. But, I've had oral surgery before, and I know how it feels. I had to drink smoothies for days, and to take pills every 3-4 hours. Wish me luck next year! 😛


  3. Interesting, Sharon. I am in my prime middle years and I have not had any of my wisdom teeth removed. That's because they don't bother me, at least, not yet. I have been thinking about voluntarily getting them removed to prevent cavities from developing. The thought of surgery alone is intimidating. But the cost of an extraction is almost prohibitive. I've had a total of two extractions over the last 15 years and I had to pay for them out of pocket. Any way to make a long story short and to keep this discussion within context, I have been moving slowly to get my wisdom teeth removed due to the cost of extractions.


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