When Opportunity Knocks You Must Answer!

Image from Lies Young Women Believe

I believe that we need to treat Opportunity as a friend…. when your friend knocks on your door, how many times will they try to knock before they leave if you don’t open your door?  Let’s say that your friend knocks on your door and you answer, but you answer rudely or act as if you don’t recognize them?  Imagine if we were to treat Opportunity like our friend… perhaps they will come around more often? 🙂

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

If we think about it… if we spend most of our time complaining about the things we don’t like and talk about it and feel passionate about the things that make us mad, sad, upset, and all the other negative emotions…we leave no room for opportunity, happiness, and gratitude in our hearts.   With all the negativity in the news/media, conversations with our peers, etc it’s difficult to remain positive in this world we’re living in but we have to try.  Not really for everyone else’s sake but for our own.

Challenge for today (or set it up for tomorrow if it’s late now): Consciously turn a negative thought or conversation into positive one, three times today.  I would love to hear how this works out for you, please come back and comment with your experience.

This morning I received my usual daily email from PCMag.com highlighting the latest great deals around the web when lo and behold my camera (Canon EOS Rebel SL1) was featured as one of the specials for $519.00 at 42photo.com!  Now, Best Buy does not typically match internet prices online but in this case I just HAD TO TRY! I sent the manager an email explaining my situation of how I wanted to take advantage of this amazing deal online but I rather give Best Buy my business because I also want to take advantage of their no interest financing.  The manager emailed me back a few hours later and expressed the price matching terms of Best Buy and although they do not usually do this but in this one time occurance since I am a loyal customer he was willing to make me an exception.  AMAZING! So after work tonight I got my camera.  I am so excited right now I could scream.  (I don’t want to scare my dogs though haha!)


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