Milk’s Favorite Cookie

I have this memory with my brother Jason he would buy a pack of Oreos and a gallon of milk.  The day would be dedicated to watching movies and chowing down on some Oreos and we would finish them!  Not the healthiest snacking session I know. Fun times.

So after doing a quick research on Oreos I found out that they were produced by Nabisco.  Actually I knew that from the packaging but what I didn’t know is that Nabisco is actually “National Biscuit Company” (I bet you didn’t know that either!) lol

I heard that they came out with Oreo cereal once.  Unfortunately, I never got to try it. Is it as awesome as having a bowl of milk and dropping 5 Oreos in it and eat them with a spoon?

Right now the package says “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” wasn’t it “America’s Favorite Cookie” at one point?  Did Chips Ahoy beat them? Who keeps track of these statistics? lol

What is your favorite cookie? Do you have a favorite kind of Oreo, double stuffed, peanut butter, etc?


10 thoughts on “Milk’s Favorite Cookie

  1. My favorite cookie is the oreo. The oreo has the cracker-type cookies on each side, with the delicious, mouthwatering cream inside. Oreos come in many different flavors. For one, I love double-stuffed oreos. They're my favorite. Many of Oreo's flavors include peanut butter, mint, cookies 'n cream, banana, chocolate, and more! Personally, I'm a peanut butter guy. Yum, yum, yummm!!


  2. I have oreos every now and then. I like the plain ones and the peanut butter ones the best, although the double stuffed are pretty good too. I tried the birthday cake ones at a friends house one time, didn't really like those too much.


  3. I'm not really a big fan of Oreos. I've only had them once or twice in my entire life. The only ones I've had were chocolate and vanilla. I didn't even know that they came in so many flavors… Wow…


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