Book Challenge: Read 50 Books in 2015

So I realize that I am already 3 months behind but I want to do this challenge! No, I AM going to do this challenge. Here are the following reasons why:

Free time: I am in the position right now where I have ample free time. As much as I love Netflix binging and sightseeing in beautiful California weather – now is the best time for me to do a challenge like this.

Opportunity to declutter: I have so many books in my “to read” pile – finally reading these books will hopefully free up my space.  I will also try my best not to add more into this collection. Read then sell, trade, or donate – this is going to be system!

Seeking inspiration: My creative side has remained dormant these last few years. I really want to start writing again (e.g. poetry, stories, etc).  I believe forcing myself to read 50 books this year will help encourage my creativity again.

Bragging rights: Hey, I think that this is a valid a reason as any! How many people can say they’ve read 50 books in a year and have done so voluntarily?  Yes, I am totally in this for the bragging rights! 😉


5 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Read 50 Books in 2015

  1. I can totally relate about the creative side remaining dormant part. I used to want to write so much a few years ago, but lately I've been slaking off so much and got caught in the internet world. Hopefully, I'll get back to reading and writing sometime soon.


  2. I see you can totally relate to my situation right now. =) Good luck with that Constantin, what I've discovered about doing difficult things: don't think about it or plan it, just do it and make changes when applicable later.


  3. This is a good goal to have for the year. One, I believe reading to be a relaxing way to spend my time. It allows me to get away from all the stress that has accumulated through the day and just let it go. Two, I believe reading does inspire you to do or be more creative.


  4. Hello Sharon,
    I personally believe this is a good goal to have. However, if it was me I don't think I would ever be able to read that many books in one year. I can hardly read one without getting bored now days.


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