French Afternoon Snack

I ordered two items from a local Monterey French bakery called Parker-Lusseau Pastries.  These two items I tried for the very first time: an Americano and a Pithivier.  An Americano from my understanding is a shot of espresso with hot water added to it.

We had a great time this weekend – we hung out with my brother David and sister-in-law Julie.  They introduced us to the French press which we will probably acquire some time soon because the coffee we had tasted really good.  It reminded me a lot of the Americano.

 Pithivier is pronounced (Pity-vee-eh) and it is a pastry with almond filling.  The shop attendant (maybe owner? I neglected to verify this) mentioned that rum was one of the ingredients as well. I could taste a hint of the rum but I imagine most of the alcohol evaporated during the baking process. The outside had a flakey consistency like a baklava but overall it wasn’t as sweet as a baklava.  I enjoyed this afternoon dessert, will probably get it again some time.


3 thoughts on “French Afternoon Snack

  1. I've not tried this before. I actually don't know of anyone that makes these where I live. If I ever get to go to California, then I'll have to add this to my list of things to do.


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