Kimo: The Sensitive One

This is Kimo my long haired chihuahua mix.  I found him walking down the street back in 2006.  I told my mom that if no one claims him then we will keep him. I wanted to originally call him Kimahri after the video game character from Final Fantasy X.  My mom thought it was too hard to say so she named him Kimo instead.

He is at least 10 years old becauses how you see him now is pretty much what he looked like back then.  Out of my two dogs he is definitely more of the sensitive one.  When I find him doing something he’s not supposed to do and compulsively yell at him he will go to a corner and not come near me for hours.  It doesn’t take much to win his love back again though.  He does not like long walks on warmer days.  I blame it on his long fur. When we went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Simi Valley we walked for maybe 15 minutes and Jared had to carry him on the way back because he just layed flat on the ground refusing to walk anymore.  Kimo is extremely laid back.  Sometimes I think he thinks that he’s a cat.  Totally content with just sitting next to a window in the sun or underneath his blanket for hours.  Although he does get extremely excited when I suggest we go outside.

Kimo loves attention.  Unfortunately if he were to get outside and someone were to walk by and just say how beautiful he looks, he would have no problem going home with them.  I remember this happened one day and in the time it took for me to put my shoes on and run after him I saw a little Hispanic girl carrying him towards her house. I literally had to yell “Hey, little girl! That’s my dog!”  She let him go and he ran towards me. I didn’t talk to him for hours that day.


10 thoughts on “Kimo: The Sensitive One

  1. I was laughing hard when I read that “little girl” incident.

    I wish he is loyal to you, Sharon. He is gorgeous. No one can possibly deny that.
    Do you happen to have a dog house for him? If so, I would love to see him all cuddled up against his feet, in his tiny house.
    Also, you can always train him to be with you and you alone 😀


  2. I would have taken more pictures because the lighting was awesome however the mosquitos started to get me so we had to get back inside quick. 🙂 Percy is the sweetest cat I've ever encountered. I will mostly likely write about him in the future.


  3. After reading this article of your's it made me think about my mother's old dog, Duchess. Duchess was a one of a kind pet and when she did something wrong and you didn't know about it she would basically tell you so she wouldn't get in trouble. Duchess was a one of a kind Boston Terrier dog, very loving and gentle. Thank you for sharing an article to bring back such amazing memories.


  4. “he would have no problem going home with them.” He doesn't sound loyal. LOL 'This human is not my human, I don't know where she's taking me. She is carrying me, though, and I don't wanna walk. Eh, it's fine, I'll just go with her.'


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