New Osio Cinemas – Small town movie theater-like experience

My husband and I went to a small movie theater called “New Osio Cinemas.”  It was a great experience.  Older audience surrounded us, however, I think I like that better than sharing a theater with noisy teenagers or children!

The movie we saw was Danny Collins.  It was a very enjoyable film.  I recommend it if you’re looking for a feel-good type movie.  It stars Al Pacino and I would definitely consider it more of a comedy/drama.  He plays a musician named Danny Collins who end up turning his life around from being a destructive rockstar and hoping for a more meaningful lifestyle after reading a letter he received from legendary John Lennon.

I really enjoyed our experience this evening.  The movie theatre seems to only have 5 screens.  It was small and intimate feeling.  I look forward to having more movie outings like this in the future.  For only $6.50 per ticket, I thought it was worth it.


One thought on “New Osio Cinemas – Small town movie theater-like experience

  1. Maddie June 8, 2015 / 4:23 pm

    I enjoy going to the movies but I rarely go anymore. My husband and I use to go all the time but since movies have gotten more expensive in recent years, we’ve been more picky about what we go see in theaters. The last movie we went to go see was the “Avengers : Age of Ultron”. I do enjoy the movies when I go, I just don’t go often as I use to.


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