Poll: What was your favorite 2000s TV Show?

Last month I put a poll asking “What was your favorite 2000s TV Show?”  Although I love Grey’s Anatomy I would have to say I love Charmed even more.  According to the poll I’m not the only one.

Charmed is a supernatural-type show that feature three sisters who are witches.  Known as the most powerful witches of all time.

I loved the show and I still watch it on Netflix from time to time.  I was impressed how they changed up the story and brought in a new actress after Shannen Doherty left who played the oldest sister named Prue.  I must admit re-watching the show some of the oldest episodes from seasons 1, 2, and 3 was really corny I loved Prue Halliwell’s character but I can tell the show got significantly better with the later seasons.

Do you like Charmed? Who was your favorite character? Do you still watch the re-runs?  Let me know by commenting below!