Underwear/Sock Drawer

To start of this next blog post I am going to start of with a few questions for you:
  • Do you have a separate drawer for your underwear and socks or do you keep them together?
  • How often do you purchase socks and underwear?
  • Do you have a favorite brand for different occasions?
I would love to hear your answers so please comment below when you have a chance.
As for myself, I keep my socks and underwear in the same drawer.  A year ago I organized my drawer but now it is in a state where they are all just thrown in together in one drawer.  I can hear a former co-worker’s voice in my head “Let’s see how long you can keep that up” when I proudly showed her the picture of my super organized underwear drawer!
I don’t really have a pattern of when I buy socks and underwear.  I guess I used to buy them whenever I thought they were on sale or were a good deal at the time.
It is currently still in a chaotic state but it is something that I plan on tackling tomorrow.  I will be one step closer to having the examples I need to post about my updated minimalist wardrobe post that I aim to complete this weekend.
As a guide I will be following Love Raw Vegan’s video “How To Simplify & Organize Your Underwear Drawer” – I will link it below.  Perhaps it will help you out as well! 😉