Blogging – to write or not to write? Is that the question?


OK so I KNOW the month of May has been an epic fail for my blogging ambition.  I’m happy to report that I am officially back and actively trying to improve this blog.  For starters I decided to pull the trigger and move from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger had been EXCELLENT to me by providing me the foundation I needed to post and reassure myself that blogging on the daily basis is not impossible.  After weeks of frustrations of not having control of changing the things that I wanted to change I decided to move to WordPress.  It’s only been 24 hours and I can already tell that a whole new world has opened up for me.

June is a new month!
I’ve made it a personal goal to post daily again starting June 1st.  I’ve got a few days left of May so I will be using this time to pre-write some future blog posts so I can always be a few posts ahead. 😉  I’ve got my purple and green notepads.  I’ve always found that these two colors have generated creative ideas for me in the past and with these tools and pens by my side I have NO excuse not to write.

Improvements ahead
I will be making regular (yet subtle changes) as far as my blog layout goes however content will ALWAYS be my focus.  Over the last couple of months I received a few (detailed) reviews/feedback of Citadel of Thoughts and I’ve been using them as my guide on the improvement plan.  If you have any ideas as far as what can benefit my blog, blog entry idea, or any other feedback please feel free to respond to this blog post or shoot me an email.