What if we weren’t meant to live this way?

IMG_1860  I’ve grown up in a society where adults spend most of the their days working for money to buy things and pay for services.  Children are expected to go to school and graduate.  College is encouraged but time and time again do we see college graduates graduate then move back in with their parents because they are not able to find a job in the field that they studied; OR they find a job outside of their field of study so they can get an apartment or house and become adults then have their own children to do the same thing.   What if we weren’t supposed to live this way?

What if we were actually just meant to do what we must to survive however our main focus be in our relationships with friends and family?  When the elderly are asked what do they most regret in life; their responses are usually they wish they could have spent more time with their family or took more chances.  Yet, we live our lives in complacency and are content with simply making a living than actually living our lives; and to allow ourselves to do so with people we love.  Instead, we fill our time keeping up with the negativity of the world by watching, listening, talking about the terrible things that are happening around the world instead of spending the time being close with our families and friends.  What if we weren’t meant to live this way?


Yosemite National State Park – One more for the memory books!

3 I actually thought that this camping trip was going to be a bit more brutal considering how much travel time we were anticipating.  With my friend flying in from Dallas we had to drive about 2 hours to the San Francisco International Airport then from there drive another 3 hours to Yosemite.  I think it helped that my husband and I got adequate sleep the night before.  We did not book a reservation for a campsite in Yosemite because you have to do that months in advance (and even then you must time it right and be ready to book when the spots open up).  Our hearts dropped a little when we arrived and the sign said “All Camps Full” however after walking around the park we were a bit relieved to find that we didn’t have to stay the night there.  Don’t get me wrong the places is BEAUTIFUL however it was packed with A LOT of tourist and parking was a nightmare.

4 We stopped at a campsite near Yosemite I don’t remember what it was called but we decided not to camp there; not because there weren’t any spots open but simply because it felt like we would be setting up camp in a middle of a field with someone’s generator at a constant hum next to us.  I’m glad we kept going because we ended up staying at a place called “The Pines” and we were able to secure site 8 which was located in the far back and we felt pretty secluded considering no one ended up staying at site 7 which was located closeby.  We were able to set up our tent and get the fire going relatively quickly and I cooked some sausage hot dogs for us.  It was a fantastic night just catching up with food, water, and beer.

2  My dog Kimo scored some pretty awesome points with us.  We discovered that he could be trusted not to wander off on his own (we somehow let the leash get undone from the table leg).  He did wander off momentarily but really impressed us because he managed to find my husband who had went on a walk and discovered that the nearby trail was relatively long and had many different paths and somehow our dog figured out which one  he took and despite the steep inclines he had to endure he found my husband and actually led the way back when Jared suggested to him “C’mon Kimo, let’s go back”.

1 If you enjoy camping as in real camping with tents and sleeping bags and are wondering if it’s a good idea to just ‘wing it’ and visit Yosemite don’t stress about reservation unless you are traveling far and really want to stay IN Yosemite then try to book in advanced. However, if you just want to stop by and spend the day hiking around the park and take pictures and are totally cool with just setting up camp and aren’t too picky about where; you really do have options.  I am so glad we finally got around to going to Yosemite!

EXHAUSTED! (Quick Update)

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to post something today to keep my streak going.   🙂  We (my husband and friend Isabela) just returned from our trip to Yosemite National State Park.  Oh man I am tired.  We had to go get her from San Francisco because she flew in from Dallas then from there we went straight to Yosemite.  Tomorrow I will post more about it alongside some pictures.

More and more people are reading, liking, and even commenting on my articles.  Thank you so much it means a lot to me.  I really appreciate the feedback.

Why do people get married?

IMG_20150626_211017I was having a conversation with some people the other day about the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage.  Naturally, there were those that pulled the “It’s not right, it’s wrong, the Bible says so” line and I tried to get them to elaborate more on why they opposed gay marriage they disappeared from the chat.  People who oppose gay marriage are quick to throw that line.  It seems to be a difficult concept for everyone to respect each other. Just because one person doesn’t believe in the same thing the immediate reaction seems to be condemn them from society.  My friend Blake posted a message on Facebook yesterday that I thought was just PERFECT and I wanted to share it with you:

“Look people, reality check. My timeline is littered with political diatribe over this same sex ruling and in the spirit of fair-play allow me a moment to explain my point of view. I’m a man of faith and I’m also not perfect, and as such I do not judge (God’s job, not mine ) Despite my disagreement with today’s judgement I don’t hate nor do I wish any ill-will towards anyone. Furthermore, it is my right (as much as it is yours) to believe in traditional marriage (man and woman). Media and Progressivism would have people believe that to have an opinion that differs from anyone else’s is blasphemy and that those people should be ostracized. It is my firm belief that nothing is further from the truth, and that , if anything it’s our differences and varying points of view that allow us to learn from one-another. Moving forward, if today’s judgement makes lives for others easier , than I’m not beyond saying that, I’m happy for you. However, let’s remember that as many people who are wanting to preach equality, that courtesy extends to all, not just those who support your argument.” – Blake

It seems like many people have so much passion in opposing gay marriage; and many gay people have such great passion in defending it.  After reading various articles; it’s hard to ignore the hateful comments. Can’t we just be OK to respect one another’s opinion? At the end of the day this ruling by the Supreme Court, who is it hurting?  What I’m wondering is with gay marriage being allowed in all 50 states now – how will this affect the divorce rate?  Will it increase? Will it decrease?  I think regardless of your sexual orientation it is important that you don’t take marriage lightly. Marriage is a choice.  Both people involved in the marriage must have mutual understanding that they are devoting themselves to one another.  Unfortunately, people give up when it gets hard or when it gets hard they remain together but do not take the time to iron out the problems.

What about divorce?
My question is, why aren’t more Christians against divorce?  If you feel so strongly against gay marriage why aren’t you as passionate about divorce? Why are you not standing outside courthouse with your signs protesting a couple getting a divorce when the divorce is by mutual agreement that they simply don’t love each other enough to stay together?

“But I say that a man who divorces his wife, unless she has been unfaithful, causes her to commit adultery. And anyone who marries a divorced woman also commits adultery.” Matthew 5:32

Now I’ve been actively reading the Bible myself.  Right now I wouldn’t describe myself as very religious but I like the idea of being in a position where if I was going to reference the Bible I want to be able to do so accurately.  I’m not going to lie it’s been difficult but I’m getting through the text.  I’ve heard that the Bible is not meant to be read alone but I want to try.  I’m not as much interested in hearing others’ interpretation of the text – I want to attempt to read it for what it is and find my own truth.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand… why do people get married?

So we can go with the obvious reasons
– You really love each other
– You can’t stand the thought of ever being without your significant other
– You don’t want other people to try and take your partner away and marriage solidifies your union
– It is the obvious next step to your relationship; you’ve been together long enough
– You want to have children (or maybe you both agree not to have any children).
– Your family would be so happy

Then there are the unspoken reasons
– They are really good in bed (or I imagine they are very good in bed for those that don’t believe in sex before marriage)
– They are financially responsible (I don’t have to worry about them)
– I want someone to find me if in case I die after falling in bathtub or something.

But seriously, why do people get married?  Perhaps it’s the ‘forever’ commitment to each other and somehow announcing it front of a witness(es) makes it all the more real.  It’s a great reason to get both families together and announce that you’re married now so please excuse us if we can’t visit as often. It makes tax time so much easier.

I say… if any of these are/were your reasons then GREAT.  It’s ok.  Your reasons to get married are between you and your partner. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or their opinion about marriage.  They are speaking from what they’ve experienced and/or what they’ve heard.  I say, look at your relationship and yours alone don’t base your relationship on anyone else or their views.  You know why? Because expectations happen; and expectations are disastrous in a marriage when both people are not on the same page.

Marry each other or don’t marry each other but for the sake of your happiness TALK TO EACH OTHER.  Get on the same page about your relationship and make your relationship PRIORITY.  Even before money/finances and even before children; put each other first.  When you don’t, when you let other details get in between you and your significant other that is when the questions start happening: “Do I still love you?” “Do you still love me?”  “Is this even worth it?”  Squash the doubts and every day say and prove that you love each other.

I don’t know if you guys know this already but everyone receives/gives love differently.  Most of the time we “show” how much we love another person by how we’d like to receive love but that shouldn’t be the case. It should be our mission to find out how our partner wants to be loved.

The 5 Love Languages

  1. Words of affirmation: compliments or words of encouragement
  2. Quality time: their partner’s undivided attention
  3. Receiving gifts: symbols of love, like flowers or chocolates
  4. Acts of service: setting the table, walking the dog, or doing other small jobs
  5. Physical touch: having sex, holding hands, kissing.

Marriage Counseling
I learned these from our couples counseling before we got married.  (Which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone considering getting married).  My results were clear that I mostly receive love through Quality Time and Physical Touch.  Jared likes to make fun of me from time to time and say “Oh yeah I have to touch you or you’ll die!” as he enthusiastically bearhugs me or throws me over his shoulder.  His results were a bit more difficult; in the test, your love languages are ranked from highest to lowest and he scored evenly on all of them. So sometimes I find myself asking “So, what is your love language today?” Anyway, seriously though if you’re planning on getting married take the class.  You’ll love it.  If you’re not already on the same page about things this class will make it clear that you need to be.  Oh yes, and if you’ve in Texas they waive $60 of the $81 fee for the marriage license.

I know I covered A LOT in this post and it was just one of those moments where I HAD a lot to say.  I would really appreciate your feedback if you agree with me and even more so if you disagree with anything that I’ve pointed out.  If you feel compelled to hit that “like” button please take a moment and tell me why you like my article. I really want to know your opinions on the matter.

Food Journal – Second Attempt (I think I got it down this time)

IMG_20150626_052142I believe it was last month I decided to start writing down what I ate.  It’s too easy for us to just eat whatever is in front of us regardless if we are hungry or not.  Unfortunately I was not able to keep up with it. I thought it would be easy but I found myself obsessing about the portions, calories, time, etc.  that it ended up feeling like work.  SO this time I’m trying a different approach.

Instead of using a fancy app or anything I decided to just go old school with pen and paper (notebook).  I write the day, date, and what I eat as I eat them without any notes of how much.  I just make a mental note to myself to not eat until I’m filled to capacity – simply eat enough to feel satisfied. I’ve also started taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements.  It’s supposed to help curb appetites. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m hoping to keep doing this as a regular thing in order to keep myself in check as far as my nutrition intake goes. My aim is to use my food journal as a guide as far as making sure that I’m getting the nutrition I need and keeping snacking at a minimum.  I used to be able to shed the extra pounds easily but I can tell it’s a bit more difficult now.   I’ve been teetering and tottering between 136-134 this last month and I know what I eat is the biggest factor of my lack of weight loss.  My goal is 120 by the end of September. It should be doable I just need to keep my mind on the prize.

Sleep…where art thou?

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.36.17 AMI had been tossing in turning since 12:43AM – it is now 4:20AM when I finally decided to get up and give up on the concept of going back to sleep.  Granted I went to bed a bit early (8:27AM) I was aiming for 8 hours sleep but it ended up being more like 5 hours and 20 minutes of broken sleep.

What was problem?
Maybe it was the fact that I forced myself to go to sleep so early.  I wanted to wake up at 4:30AM because my husband needs to be at work by 5 (we share one car) and still get 8 hours of sleep.  So last night I was tired any way but to ensure I fall asleep quickly I took a melatonin pill. Which did the trick by the way.  I don’t know maybe my body decided that 4 hours of sleep was enough.  …or perhaps it was because I was wear pajama pants.  Yeah, I think that was it.  See, I usually wear boxer shorts when I go to sleep.  The apartment felt a bit cool last night so I wore pajama pants to bed.  I may have been too warm.

Should I take a nap today?
I probably will take one.  Even though I am fully awake now, I will most likely crash by noon.  Hopefully it won’t take up my entire afternoon though. We shall see.

What probably didn’t help me was the fact that when I woke up at 12:43 was when I looked at the clock again and saw that it was pass 1 – I had decided to check my emails. Next thing I knew I was reading other blog posts.  I look at the clock again and suddenly it was getting near 3AM.  I know I need to get a sleep pattern down soon.  Otherwise, my health will soon be affected – I’ve never had a strong immune system after all.

Zion National State Park

IIMG_0479 remember falling in love with a picture that someone took while they were on their visit in Zion.  We decided to go to Utah for our honeymoon.  It was pretty amusing to see people’s reaction whenever they would ask where we were going for our  honeymoon. “What the heck is in Utah?”

Actually, Utah left a VERY good impression on us.  We stopped by a city called “Hurricane”.  The people were so friendly there.   At a Walgreens when we were checking out the lady behind the counter shouted to another lady to grab her coupon book then next thing we know she was pulling coupons left and right and saved us some money with our purchase!  I mean, who does that?!

Zion was absolutely beautiful. It’s one of those places where you HAVE to see it in person to appreciate its beauty.  These pictures that I took with my old Samsung camera just doesn’t do the place justice.  We will most likely visit again in the future.   When we do I hope to be able to get my endurance up by then.  Those hiking trails kicked my butt back then!  We were a little concerned that there would be a lot of tourists considering that it was summertime.  It wasn’t too crowded at all.  We did stop by the Grand Canyon as well however I must say personally I was more impressed with Zion.

We love visiting state parks and don’t mind spending the money to stay at each one.  Some day I would love to say that I’ve visited ALL of them.