Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4)


Zorah, female barbarian @ level 1

My husband and I like to play Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.  I think this game has been out since 2013 but we are just now getting into it.  It is something that we make time to do together. 🙂  I even have a character dedicated to when I just play with him.


Zorah, female barbarian @ lvl 30

The pictures I’ve featuring in this post is my character I named “Zorah” who is a female Barbarian.  She is level 30 now while the female Monk that I play with my husband her name is “Guérisseur” which means healer in French.  Guérisseur is level 52 now.  The Barbarian and Monk characters are very alike in a sense that they both like to get into enemy’s faces and fight them head on. Unlike the wizard or witch doctor where they rely on spells to take down enemy but aren’t required to be physically involved in fighting the enemy.  My husband’s Male Witch Doctor’s name is “Raziel”.

After playing with Zorah I realized how much better it is to play with other people.  The battles are much faster when you don’t have to tackle it alone.  With that being said if you play Diablo III on PS4 feel free to add me my gamertag is ShawieKill.


5 thoughts on “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4)

  1. I did NOT know it was a two player game! We’ve had it for a while and my husband is the only one that plays, but knowing that… maybe we can play that together now instead of just kicking it on Borderlands2!


  2. I think it’s great how you and your husband do so many things together! I love gaming and it’s a huge stress reliever for me so I know it has to be fun for you two especially since you can do it together! This game looks really fun but I’ve never heard of it until now. I think I am going to check it out later! Thank you for telling us about it! 😀


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