Rant: Dog owners pick up after your dog!


One of the awesome things about owning a blog is you can rant about whatever you want.  Today I’m going to rant about people not picking up after their dogs.  You share the same path as other dog owners if we’re courteous enough to pick up after our pets why can’t you?!  It’s disgusting.

I find myself having to pick up after other dogs because I don’t want to risk my dog stepping in it.  You don’t have to get fancy and buy the disposable doggie poop bags you can use a newspaper, old sandwich bags, grocery bags, whatever just take something with you when you let your dog poop it’s not that hard.

For our dogs we actually bought a 1000 pack of dog poop bags from Amazon just so we can be sure we never run out.  It came with this neat little dispenser that we keep with our dog leash.  They come in many colors even scented or unscented ones.

I wish I would catch one of my neighbors letting their dogs poop somewhere then attempt to walk away.  Oh I long for the day to be able to run up to them and say “oh hey, I noticed you ran out of poop bags, here are a couple you can use.”


3 thoughts on “Rant: Dog owners pick up after your dog!

  1. Baruti M. Kamau June 15, 2015 / 3:42 pm

    lol…but, actually, this is a very good blog topic. I’m not a dog lover atoll and I do find it disgusting to see dog shit all over the sidewalk or lying in the grass in a public park where my kids play. I’ve seen police officers who were fanatical about issuing $100 tickets to people who litter; however, I’ve never seen a peace officer give someone a ticket for not cleaning up their dog shit. Not only is it disgusting, it is a public health issue. So I agree with the thrust of your blog, Sharon, for different reasons though. 🙂


    • SPVF June 15, 2015 / 7:24 pm

      Well, then I see that you can appreciate where I am coming from with this post. 😉 I decided to take a different route with the dogs today and it was nice not having to deal with anyone else’s mess.


  2. Shortie861 June 23, 2015 / 2:52 am

    I see this all too often where I live and numerous times my children have stepped in it because of inconsiderate dog owners who just do not seem to care. I will admit I do see the odd few dog owners who do pick up after the dog and just the other day I did see a woman tell a dog owner his dog had made a mess on the footpath as he hadn’t noticed and he was ready to clear that up and thanked the woman for letting him know. It doesn’t take much to pick it up at all and it’s simple to do with as you say something like even a sandwich bag which are cheap to buy nowadays.

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