Percy our cat – is losing a lot of hair.

IMG_0897It was my husband who first fell in love with this cat while visiting his Dad.  Apparently they were just hanging out in the backyard when Percy went up to him and started snuggling up with him.  At the time his name was Sophie (yeah they thought he was a girl).  His aunt told my husband that Percy was a stray but they would give him food so he ended up staying.  My husband didn’t like the thought of Percy having to stay outside in the cold.  After texting a while back and forth my he brought Percy home.

It was the veterinarian that figured out that Percy was actually a boy and that he was in fact already neutered.  (My husband went in thinking that “she” needed to get spayed.) It was also there that we found out that Percy has Feline Leukemia.  Apparently Feline Leukemia is the second most causes of fatality in cats besides trauma.  He hadn’t shown any symptoms yet but the Vet said that we could have as little as a year with him or he can live a long healthy life.  There is really nothing else we can do but to try and provide him good quality food (loads of protein) and keep him in a stress free environment.

We recently changed his food so we’re thinking that he might have an allergic reaction to something.  We switched his food so hopefully it will help his loss of hair.  Cats are interesting. Sometimes he acts like he wants nothing to do with you and in the next minute he wants your undivided attention.  If his hair loss gets worse I may have to convince my husband that he needs to go to the Vet.


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