Bloggers – Yes, you should use your own photos in your blog!

IMG_1830It’s not just about being different or making your blog stand out. I just hear time and time again stories of people getting threats about being sued over using someone else’s copyrighted picture without their consent.

I don’t currently make ANY money for writing in Citadel of Thoughts in fact I’ve invested my own money into this project I do it mostly for fun.  In a way it’s actually quite therapeutic and allows me to step outside of my head for a little bit and just think about the words that I’m going to type on here.  It’s kind of just walking around with no other purpose but to get fresh air and observe your surroundings.  When I write on here it makes me forget what I need to do tomorrow or what I didn’t do today and I just make myself focus on what’s in front of me.  That’s essentially what bloggers want to do that is the thing we have in common.  Now the last thing we want is to hear something negative like being threatened by a law suit.

So if you do blog, do yourself a favor when you post things use your own images.  You can take any picture from your smart phone.  You don’t need a fancy camera.  What I’ve been doing for myself is when I have moment to walk around town I try to have my camera with and just try to take pictures of everything I find interesting. If I’m out and about running errands or something and I don’t have my camera you will find me still snapping away with my phone.  The great thing with this approach is you will find that when you’re in rut, you can look through your pictures and you can actually snap out of your writer’s block by simply searching through your photos and wait for inspiration to hit.


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