American Dream U – Helping military personnel find their dream jobs and start their own businesses.

I’ve always loved the idea of owning my own business and the concept of not working for anyone. I’ve always enjoyed listening to speakers who are living proof that it is possible. This seminar was dedicated to military personnel and their familiesSAM_4804.

I became completely aware that the majority of the people attending knew each other and also of the fact that I terrible at small talk. Well, what I realized is can I be totally terrible at something I haven’t attempted? It was then I realized that I simply was not confident in my own skin. These people around me know each other and they’re sharing stories of accomplishments and attempts at accomplishments and I can’t relate. I want to change that.

I had a short chat with the man next to me.  Who was there visiting his son and grandchildren.  He didn’t mention a daughter-in-law but I didn’t want to pry. His son invited him to the event.  He got to talking about he was in the Navy.  He asked what I was doing there and I mentioned that I love the idea of owning my own business some day.  His response was rather cold something along the lines of he has many friends who have failed and are attempting to start their own business.  He says that they work 60-70 hours a week and he has no interest in working that much.  I didn’t like his negative tone but I just smiled at him and said that that’s why I think it’s important not to rush and really try to find a niche that you are passionate about because if you start a business you’re not genuinely interested in then it will feel like work. He smiled back and nodded and the seminar started.

I quickly realized that this show was a lot like the seminar that I attended back in Texas where people go on stage and share their experience and generally have an inspirational message. Philip McKernan was the first speaker and his talk was the one that I got the most from.  Maybe it was his Irish accent that peaked my interest in the words he was saying but I ultimately retained the information he was saying.

We hear people talk about goals all the time how important it is to set them in order to achievement.  The thing that I was able to relate the most was like him I am GREAT at setting and achieving goals.  I thrive on it.  However when he asked, “Do you ever feel empty after achieving your goals?” There were several times that I felt like that and his explanation made perfect sense.  Too often do we set goals for ourselves based on other people’s opinions.  For example: to save X amount of money to feel secure, to lose weight, to get a job in a certain field, to own a certain amount of property, to buy a house with 4 bedroom and two baths, etc.  Although these goals are achievable and not unreasonable too often do we set these goals not because it is something we want but rather what others have expressed sounds good or the media has portrayed as it is a good idea.

Your goals must be AUTHENTIC, and your own.  Phillip McKernan mentioned intuition a lot and I would have to agree that your gut is a GREAT indicator of whether or not you are doing the right thing.  When you are doing a task or striving for a certain goal if you are not feeling that passion in your gut if you’re not determined to do it with all of your effort then you are not following your gut.  There is a cliche that is often told, “Do what makes you happy” I mean we hear it all the time but rarely do any of us really do it.  We do what we do because we’re good at it, because it looks good to other people, because others think it’s a good idea when reality we should always be striving to do what makes us truly happy as individuals.


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