Happy Fathers Day! Let me tell you about my Dad…

288165_10151296386784410_935638995_oI’d like to dedicate today’s blog post to my father.  When I have kids one day I want to be able to raise them with the same mentality that me and my siblings had.

See, in our household we never had the grounding policy or even had our toys or gaming systems taken away.  However, we knew better than to do anything that would disappoint my parents.  My Dad has always had “the look” that me and my brothers knew very well.  He has a way of just looking at us and we immediately would think “Oh crap, I don’t know what I’m doing but I better stop whatever it is and straighten up!”

Whatever our hobbies were or interests, my Dad has always found a way to support it.  Growing up we never had a lot of money but when me and my siblings wanted a gaming system we would get it. I remember one time I wanted to learn how to play the guitar like my brother and when I asked my Dad for one; he managed to buy one for me from a yard sale.

Negotiation and Respect
My Dad from an early age taught be about negotiating and making something out of nothing.  I remember one time I had told him that I wanted a desk and we stopped by an estate sale where a woman was asking $10 for a wooden desk.  My Dad has boldly haggled and suggest we would take it for $3.  The lady was livid and looked insulted and told him no way.  He said “C’mon Sha, let’s go” and proceeded to walk back to the van.  I called out to him because I thought it was a great deal but he kept walking.  When I started to walk away as well a guy yelled out “Wait!” my Dad and I turned around as he proceeded to convince his mom that they needed to get rid of the desk anyway.  I was bewildered!   A different memory I had was when I was in the 3rd grade a classmate had stolen my cool multi-colored pen (you know the one where you can press down on different colors and it would write in whatever color you chose) I had approached my teacher about it but she shrugged me off and told me to go back to my seat without even listening to me.  I told my Dad about it and I don’t know what he said to her the next morning but when I walked into class she had walked up to me and apologized to me profusely and managed to get my pen back from my classmate. I was amazed!

My Dad doesn’t say much and doesn’t need to be in the spotlight all the time.  However, when you get him talking about his life and different stories of what he’s been through you can’t help but listen and admire him.  He has definitely lived a life full of experiences. He has been through so much and endured so much.  I am proud to call him my Dad.


5 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day! Let me tell you about my Dad…

  1. barutikamau1969@gmail.com June 22, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing your reasons on why you believe your dad to be a great father. It’s nice to read the words of adults explaining how their parents influenced them in a positive direction. Your dad sounds like a cool guy. I can relate because I’m a father who has been through a lot and endured a lot for my kids. So it is nice to hear that somebody out there appreciate their biological father during a time when it is popular to treat daddy like a “walking wallet.”

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