What if we weren’t meant to live this way?

IMG_1860  I’ve grown up in a society where adults spend most of the their days working for money to buy things and pay for services.  Children are expected to go to school and graduate.  College is encouraged but time and time again do we see college graduates graduate then move back in with their parents because they are not able to find a job in the field that they studied; OR they find a job outside of their field of study so they can get an apartment or house and become adults then have their own children to do the same thing.   What if we weren’t supposed to live this way?

What if we were actually just meant to do what we must to survive however our main focus be in our relationships with friends and family?  When the elderly are asked what do they most regret in life; their responses are usually they wish they could have spent more time with their family or took more chances.  Yet, we live our lives in complacency and are content with simply making a living than actually living our lives; and to allow ourselves to do so with people we love.  Instead, we fill our time keeping up with the negativity of the world by watching, listening, talking about the terrible things that are happening around the world instead of spending the time being close with our families and friends.  What if we weren’t meant to live this way?


4 thoughts on “What if we weren’t meant to live this way?

  1. Kate Spyder June 30, 2015 / 2:02 pm

    You hit the nail dead center on its head. The emptiness I feel in my life has nothing to do with the work I do or the education I have or have not received. It is about the lack of meaningful relationships. There is a great loss in this world of humanity which is in how to interact and make connections with others. Some maybe satisfied with superficial interactions with people however for me there is a far deeper connection I need in order to feel fulfilled. Getting there is the hard part, finding others who desire the same depths has been quite difficult for me at least on the level where we can have exchanges without feeling as though we need to defend our position or try and convince others to believe the same way. This is where we get into trouble. Why can’t we joyfully exchange our different opinions and find comfort in allowing others to have their own beliefs even if they are vastly different from our own, especially if they harm no one? I think we are meant to live and love without judgement of others and help each other in whatever way we can and this includes all the various species we share this earth with. I love that you wrote this. That you question this.

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  2. SPVF July 1, 2015 / 7:22 am

    Kate Spyder, thank you so much for your detailed reply. In my opinion the media has a lot to do with people’s perceptions. TV, movies, newspapers, social media… it’s like no one has their own opinion anymore. They let what the media says dictate what they should or shouldn’t think. I believe that if people were to pull back from all of that and just sit back and look around we will find that we CAN have our own opinions and if we respect our friends, family, and acquaintances enough we will let them have their own. It seems like some people are quick to insult and belittle those that have opinions different from their own. Which is sad, because at the end of the day…opinions are just opinions what they do as individuals is what matters.

    I read this morning about a person getting spit on during a gay parade – now what can a person do or say to deserve to be spit on? It’s such an ugly gesture. It was good to see others defending the man that was spit on by other gay people saying things along the lines of “As a gay person I’m sorry that happened to you.” How you treat people that strongly opposes your point of view is a true reflection of your character. The priest that got spit on simply said that “I don’t want to make this about me, there’s a lot of people who are gay who have been fighting for gay marriage for a long time, who have probably been spat on and a lot worse by people on my side (those of traditional marriage).”


  3. Maddie July 2, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    You bring up a good thought here. Too many people are content to sit on their couch and let life pass them by. I think that is why I’ve seen people that have survived cancer or people that have cancer and are afraid they may not beat it, will go out and do a lot of things that they may not have considered doing before they had cancer. I think people who suffer from a serious or terminal illness are more likely to go out and try to experience things before they pass away because they know they don’t have much longer to live.


  4. tapeparade July 4, 2015 / 5:09 am

    Brilliant post. I don’t think we are meant to live like that – I live quite frugally, make enough money doing what I love and spend the rest of my time with my friends. And I’m by far the happiest out of my family, most of whom are living lives similar to what you describe. I love your wording in this post as well – I feel like you shared the thought process with us and it’s so raw. Beautifully written. x


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