TAZO – Organic baked cinnamon apple

IMG_20150706_085227 Have you drank a cup of tea before going to sleep to help yourself wind down for the evening?  This is what I do.  My latest preferred flavor is TAZO’s organic baked cinnamon apple.  This is caffeine-free tea.  I think it’s perfect because it is sweet enough on its own without adding extra sugar.  So while I am listening to music or reading a book a cup of tea helps prepare my body and mind to slow down and get ready to go to bed. Even though the pack of 20 cost almost $5 I justified it with the fact that if I were to purchase 20 cups of tea from Starbucks I would easily spend $20 or more.  Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks however it’s more of a social outing with friends and family do I find myself going there.  If I allowed myself to go there casually on the regular basis I would spend a lot of money and right now I do not want to budget for Starbucks.  Besides, the purpose of drinking this tea for me is to wind down and I love the convenience of being able to drink this in the comfort of my own home.

Description on box: “Spiced apple nestles with rich rooibos for a sweetly indulgent herbal infusion, with other natural flavors.”


One thought on “TAZO – Organic baked cinnamon apple

  1. C245 November 23, 2015 / 9:37 pm

    I haven’t tried that Tazo blend before. I do normally drink tea before bed, Celestial’s Seasoning’s Sleepytime Extra. I do find it helps me wind down and get ready to go to bed. I try to stop all/any electronic use one hour before bed, not that that always happens but it helps your mind unwind and the blue light emitted from screens will prohibit you from being able to fall asleep. That’s one of the first things that is recommended to do if you are having any trouble with falling/staying asleep.


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