Indulge: Tears of Laughter

When you’re with someone for so long I think it’s interesting how you learn to correspond with another.  I’m not sure if I’m communicating this properly but let me try.  Take humor for instance.  Some people are more sarcastic than other – while some find this very amusing there are others who aren’t as amused.

As for myself and my husband I love how we interact with another and because we are so close we find certain things amusing that we say or do to one another that others might thing is absurd.  It’s like the concept of “inside jokes” amongst close friends.  There are things that happen between friends that hang out with one another for so long that when they are reminded of those situations uncontrollable laughter happens.

I think everybody deserves to laugh until they have tears in their eyes – moments where it is almost irrational why they are laughing so hard, so hard that their sides start to hurt and they are barely able to catch their breaths.  I remember when I was younger and hanging out with my close group of friends we would frequent the bookstore.  There were times I don’t even remember why I was laughing so hard but I remember laughing so hard and as I desperately try to calm myself down (my friends failing to do the same) I can’t help but laugh even harder desperately trying not to be loud.

It’s such an amazing feeling to lose yourself like that sometimes and it’s something that should happen more often than not.  Yet, people today are so caught up with the negatives in life they won’t allow themselves to feel happiness of this level.

When was the last time you’ve laughed until you were crying?


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