Time running out… is this just an illusion?

IMG_1837It was late last night almost drifting asleep that I realized that I forgot to post a blog entry yesterday. I was too tired to get up and get one done.  There goes my streak!  Oh well, here’s a start to a new one. I really need to start writing multiple blog posts so that I can be ahead instead of scrambling some nights to get it done.  Anyway, this has actually inspired me to think about time.

What if time was simply an illusion created by mankind.  Think about it.  Sure everyone needs to go to sleep to allow our bodies to heal and our brain to reorganize.  However, imagine a life not limited by time or the concept of time rather.

Imagine getting what we need to get done at our leisure instead of by the deadlines set by others.  Sure, the immediate thought might be: “chaos” but what if wasn’t.  What if we lived in a society where everyone knew what had to get done, finish, and then just enjoy each others’ company at the end of the day? How much simpler would life be instead of constantly rushing to get where we need to be and to do what we need to do in order to buy things that we probably don’t need.  I think if we focused just as hard on our relationships and families just as hard as we do in our jobs we would be much happier as a society.  Instead of talking to loved ones and reaching out instead prescriptions are prescribed.

We have so much that people didn’t have 100 hundred years ago yet… as a society aren’t we so much more disconnected?


3 thoughts on “Time running out… is this just an illusion?

  1. Icaruscity July 21, 2015 / 9:13 am

    That last line you wrote! ❤ and also, I think time is very much a concept we created.


    • SPVF July 21, 2015 / 9:19 am

      Thanks. I can’t help but think that someone somewhere in the past decided how much more convenient it would be if everyone knew when to be somewhere at the same time. How different life would be if they hadn’t.


  2. Eslam Yosef July 24, 2015 / 8:17 pm

    Time is something really really unique and it separated to two things, years, months, days, ..etc. Which created by the space between and earth. The speed of the earth, …etc. These things are changeable if the metrics changed. So, time is bigger than this part. Also, time is .. we born, grow up, then die. This is not changeable.

    But what toke my thoughts more is life and death. What difference between a body with life and a body without a life. There is a hiding thing we can’t see, we don’t know it, and the strange that this thing is us. Because when we leave the body, it becomes nothing more than a non-movable body. Like anything else in the world, a stone for example.

    We control the body and when we leave the body, it just ..

    And, this makes us something really different, not an illusion, but like a soul. How we entered this body, what happen when we leave it, who make us as souls which give a life to a simple non-movable body? This made me sure that this never ends here .. never.

    And, this moved me to another thought, the idea of all of this. I searched for anything .. anything made from nothing in the front of anyone .. this process never happened in the front of any human, and I asked myself, the first of anything, who made it? Then the question answered itself, the first.

    There is the first who only have the power of creating things from nothing because this skill nobody else have it, nobody saw it, look at the world, never happened in the front of anyone .. never.

    And this means, this life is a very small thing. We are under control .. this confused me .. so I searched for something else, the life itself. The thing that we can’t see .. inside us. Something very unique and when it gone, we just fall down.

    I can write articles about this, a lot of articles. There is a creator who has a lot of skills and nobody else has or even saw someone had these powerful skills before.

    We should think about this .. because what after death really matters especially to us.

    Last word: We are living a life in a body, and we make a lot of things happen inside this body, and we even don’t know or control these processes ourselves, even for babies. We never been an improvement for another kind such as monkeys, they can’t be us .. this is funny, who saw a monkey changed to a human before?


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