A moment of reflection.


Here I am sitting at a local cafe drinking my earl grey tea.  In the last 6 months I have learned to drink my tea without any additives (sugar, cream, etc).  I drink tea and coffee straight now actually.  Doing so has made me gain a whole new appreciation for both types of beverages.  As a society we’ve been conditioned to think that sweeter is better.  That brown is ugly.

Did you know that in 2014 the CDC released a report that 29.1 Million people in the United States have diabetes? (http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pubs/statsreport14/national-diabetes-report-web.pdf) It’s kind of crazy to think about.  I know that we can’t live forever nor would I want to. However, I plan on living life with many experiences and diabetes, high blood pressure, daily prescriptions, is not the type of experience I’m looking for.  I’ve developed a serious appreciation for food out here.  I mean like REAL food.  Not nachos, french fries, etc but like… fish, chicken, steak, vegetables, and fruits.  There are so many things that I’ve learned how to cook (as well as failed experiments lol) the options of cooking/eating REAL food is virtually unlimited.  Fast food is convenient I know but I just wish there were more restaurants that offer GOOD food at fast food prices.

At the end of the month we are moving back to Texas.  Which I am REALLY excited about.  Don’t get me wrong California is BEAUTIFUL and I’m not looking forward to the ridiculous heat or flies and mosquitos. …but Texas is home.  I am also ready to get back into the employment world.  I think I make a pretty awesome housewife but it’s definitely not my calling.  I’ll give it another go when kids come into the picture but yes, I’m ready to find a job again. These 6 months has really given me the opportunity to figure out new personal goals.  2016 is going to be a fantastic year.  2015 has been great but I can already tell the rest of this year is going to be dedicated to getting to where my husband and I want to be in 2016 financially, spiritually, etc.

Oh I’m almost out of tea. I guess it’s time to wrap this up. I will leave this post with some “food” for thought. 😉  When was the last time you sat down and reflected on something, anything other than the daily grind you find yourself in?  Feel free to share your thought by leaving a comment!


A Journey Beyond Comfort (CREATIVE ARTS CONTEST – YOU CAN WIN $10!)

A Journey Beyond Comfort
East, West, North, or South
which direction shall I go?
On the road there’s no room for doubt
Countless adventures via flight or row.

It’s important to do something you haven’t done
to experience something you haven’t before,
some journeys will be smooth while others rough
sometimes one must step outside of comfort.

Which path shall we take today?
Shall we remain where we are comfortable?
What is life without risk or mistakes?
No room for regrets – let’s live and learn.

This is a poem that I wrote for the Creative Arts Contest being held at http://forum.languavel.net – the theme is Language or Travel.  I can’t win because I’m a staff member.  HOWEVER, you can win $10 via paypal and you can enter any creative art (graphic design, writing, drawing, etc).  You can find more details here: http://forum.languavel.net/showthread.php?tid=2627&pid=14516#pid14516

Languavel is a forum dedicated to Languages and Travel enthusiasts all over the world.  We started in October of 2014 and we already have over 14,000 posts! …and the community is growing larger every day.  What’s really cool is with every post that you make you can earn Languavel points which you can eventually exchange for prizes (even cash via Paypal).  Check it out and register if you like what you see – it’s totally free. 🙂

Citadel of Thoughts Won the BEST BLOG AWARD 2015 at ForumPromotion.net

I feel kind of bad because I’ve been slacking off on my blog lately.  It’s definitely a wake up call though.  My blog had to be nominated by other members AND they had to vote for Citadel of Thoughts via Private Message so they really picked my blog – it’s not as simple as voting in a poll or something. That was pretty exciting.  Time to seriously knuckle down though and start posting again.  I just need to take the time and actually WRITE!  It’s not like I don’t have anything to write about either.  So much is in the works right now… I just need to sit back and record some of these happenings.  They also rewarded me with $5 which is pretty sweet. Thank you ForumPromotion.net!

Sorry for going MIA you guys – On to the next page! 😉