Volunteer to make friends?

So I’ve decided to volunteer to help feed the hungry tomorrow.  I have never volunteered before (outside of school and work) so this is officially a first experience for me.  I’ve moved to a new city and have yet to find a new job and friends.  I’m hoping to find a friend while volunteering but at the least I will be helping people and that’s good right?

My desire to interact with people really comes up in the grocery store where I find myself randomly chatting up with others for recipe advice and what-not. I must say it is MUCH easier to do this in Texas than it is in California. Whenever I attempted to start a conversation with someone out there in the store they would just give me this look like “Why are you talking to me?” or “What are you trying to sell me?” Yes in Texas it is much easier to say “Hi how are you?” then carry on a small conversation with someone you completely don’t know.

I remember back in school it was so easy to make friends I mean, you literally could go to another student ask if they have a spare pencil, comment on how cool their notebook looks and BOOM you’re friends!  I remember back in elementary an old school friend literally walked up to me and say do you want to be my friend and I said sure.  This method isn’t applicable in the ‘real/adult’ world is it?  It seems so much more difficult to make friends as an adult.  Can one walk to another person in the produce aisle, comment about fruit, and ask if they want to be friends?  Why not?


3 thoughts on “Volunteer to make friends?

  1. Chrellie December 4, 2015 / 6:11 pm

    I think it is hard to make friends as an adult. You can become friends with people at work, but you might also work with people that you only have the job in common with and little else. I hope the volunteering give you friend possibilities!


  2. DanTheMan December 4, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Yeah I don’t quite understand that, I think it depends on where exactly you live too. I live in Michigan and I can usually interact with people once in awhile (if I choose to) out in public that I don’t know and they’ll respond. Most of my friends though have come from going to Church and being in community there but that is me.


  3. Maddie December 27, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    You are right…it was much easier to make friends in school than it is as an adult. Use to, I could make friends with someone on the playground when I was in grade school. Now, it’s not that easy as simply playing with someone at recess. If you talk to someone that you don’t know, you get a look like “What the heck do you want?” Now you’ve got me wondering why that is.


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