Train Yourself to Wake Up Early

So lately I’ve been seriously considering waking up earlier in the morning.  Normally I stay in bed until about 7:30am and rush to make it out of the house by 8:00am and get to work to beat the traffic.  I’m usually able to make it to work 20 minutes early but at the expense of that early stress.

Sometimes I take the time to buy breakfast which usually consists of a breakfast taco and large coffee and costs me $4.  Other times I go without breakfast and wait until lunch to have my first meal of the day and ultimately killing my metabolism in the process.

I’ve been wanting to lead a more active lifestyle but am usually too tired to do anything by the end of the day and wearing myself out during the pm road traffic.

The daily grind of waking up, rushing to work, then going home, eat dinner, then go to sleep gets pretty old by Wednesday morning – I know waking up earlier will grant me time to spend doing something I enjoy. Ultimately though waking up means gaining more personal time.

I know it won’t happen overnight but ultimately my goal is to be OK with getting up at 5am, every day.  I know the key thing is to do something that I enjoy first thing to motivate me to leave my warm bed.

How much time of our weekends are taken up by laundry or general house cleaning?  A lot of time can be saved by cleaning up little by little during the week which can be achieved 5-10 minutes every morning.

So just to recap… the advantages of training yourself to wake up early in the morning…

  • More time to do what you like/love
  • Eat breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Save money
  • Save time

2 thoughts on “Train Yourself to Wake Up Early

  1. Maddie March 29, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    I find myself doing the same thing. I end up staying in bed until 7:30 when I have to leave the house by 8. For me, it is hard to find that motivation to get out of bed earlier. Especially when I am sleeping so well when that alarm goes off. If I happen to not be asleep and I notice that the alarm will go off soon, there have been times that I’ve just gotten up on my own, knowing that I won’t get to go back to sleep when the alarm goes off. On those mornings, I usually have plenty of time to maybe grab something on the way to work or make my breakfast without having to rush.


  2. MeowsePad April 10, 2016 / 6:22 am

    I have been waking up earlier in the morning lately, and I’ve liked it much better than waking up right before I have to leave. I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater, but I have been trying to eat something small in the morning lately. I also find that I’m much more ready mentally to go to work when I’ve been awake for a while instead of getting out of bed and having to get ready right away. Like you said, having to get ready as soon as you get out of bed adds some stress in the morning that makes the rest of your day more difficult. I am working on getting to bed earlier on a consistent basis as well because I feel that I’m not always getting enough sleep. I find myself getting cranky a lot more easily when I haven’t had sufficient sleep.


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