April Showers bring May Flowers (and goals)

So we are approaching that half way mark in the year and I’ve suddenly realized that I haven’t made much progress on my personal goals this year. I’ve taken one step to changing that by setting up our white board in the living room so that the hubby and I can hold each other accountable for our goals by having them in plain sight.

May will be my official beginning of “Clean Slate” and one of those goals will be to have a total of 200 posts here on Citadel of Thoughts.  I don’t know how much I have so far so I will need to look that up after I post this.  I know it’s not May yet, but we’re pretty darn close so I might as well gain some momentum here.  If I don’t start now when?

I also need to pick up reading again…I have so many books on my To Read pile… I really need to start tackling that goal as well.  I’ve got four on my night stand as I type this next to me.

On a different note I feel an annoying pimple on my left ear – that is such a weird place to break out.  If I’m being honest with myself, my eating habits have to improve as well.

Ah yes 2016 is almost halfway over but that’s OK it’s not too late for self-improvement. Let’s do this.