“Work” should not be split 50/50 in relationships

IMG_20160501_202148In our society we have been conditioned to look at things we are required to do (but don’t necessarily want to) as “work”. It’s true. Has the cat box been cleaned out? Do I want to clean it out? Eh… it needs to be. Are the dishes in the dishwasher? Do I want to rinse them and put them in the dishwasher? Eh… they need to be. Let’s face it, we have TONS of these scenarios going on in our lives but my question is… when it comes to “work” why as a society do we feel we are obligated to split the “work” 50/50?

See… in my strange-way-of-thinking mind, when I hear people say this my thought process is… let’s say a couple has 10 things that needs to be done in the household or in their relationships (with each other or not) when they expect one person to do half of the “work” how is it determined who does what half? Wouldn’t there always be one person waiting to see what the other person is going to do before pulling their own weight? What if both individuals are doing the same thing and suddenly those 10 things are just sitting there… idle?

I’m just saying… if we’re going to talk percentages… what is wrong with one person doing 70% of the “work” and the other person does the other 30% but also invests their time/funds/attention to other things that could benefit their relationship/life experience, e.g. plan vacation, weekend outing, restaurant/movie date night, etc. I think most relationships are strained when the individuals involved are just focusing on the “work” and they forget about fun/leisure the very thing that brought them together in the first place (time, attention, fun).

What if we stopped looking at relationships as a 50/50 type scenario and just focus on doing 150% of quality time/effort together? Just a thought.


2 thoughts on ““Work” should not be split 50/50 in relationships

  1. Maddie May 2, 2016 / 10:44 am

    I do see your point. One thing that I do is sit down to pay the bills. I have been doing this task since my hubby and I got married. He absolutely hates doing that. I don’t like it either but I do it because I don’t want to be faced with the alternative (like, living in the streets). I just look at it as a necessary evil. There are things that we do that we don’t necessarily like but we do them anyway. Not because we enjoy them but because we don’t want to deal with the alternative. On the other hand, it is easy to deal with things like date night and trips because those are fun things that we enjoy doing so it’s easy to do them. The only bad thing is planning to save money for those things or having to take care of certain things when we return from those trips.

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    • SPVF May 2, 2016 / 5:07 pm

      Exactly! Some things are more enjoyable than others… but it’s all important. I just think that it would benefit both parties in relationship to look at the entire picture and do what’s best for one another’s lives instead of just focusing on one set of “To Do” work list.


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