Seeking inspiration.

So July is coming to an end. I would really love to start posting regularly on here again.  Today I realized, that I just need to stop thinking about it and just DO IT.

Too much planning can cause one to feel overwhelmed.  Structure is needed though in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed from another perspective.  When I feel stressed out I know creating a list helps me organize my thoughts and it helps me create a game plan.

As for this blog though… I can’t treat this like work or chore.  I ENJOY writing and I love using it as an outlet for expressing my thoughts.  (Even more so when I get comments!) …so I need to just dedicate time to writing.  Whether it be straight on here on the computer or in a notepad. …and I NEED to POST.

So… now that I’ve got that off my chest.  What should I write about? Please feel free to comment and share any ideas of what you’d be interested in reading about.



One thought on “Seeking inspiration.

  1. Maddie February 6, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    I think you should write about things you enjoy. It’ll be a lot more fun and much more enjoyable if you write about things that you’re truly passionate about. Plus, it’ll make writing feel less like a chore that way. For instance, I like to read in my spare time so it would make sense for someone like me to write about a book I just read, who my favorite author is, etc. But I agree with your statement that too much planning can make you feel overwhelmed. Just write about what comes naturally to you.

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