Do something different.

2017 is the year that I go out of my way to do something different as often as I can. Just a quick recap of things that I did in 2016 that I haven’t done before:

  1. Bought a new house.
  2. Bought a new (not used) car.
  3. Paid $2000 in medical costs for my dog (ugh!).
  4. Started my path to acquiring my Bachelor’s degree.

Geez… that’s not a very long list is it? Well, 2017 is going to be different. What is the motto of my blog? Life is about experiences. Yes. It’s time to make this priority, new experiences and new memories to remember.


One thought on “Do something different.

  1. David S February 8, 2017 / 2:15 am

    2016, wasn’t a very good year for me, I could have done, a whole lot more. But this year I’m determined to do the best as I can to try and make 2017 special. Some things, that I plan to do this year are is to travel as much as possible, because I have been to a few places, but I’d like to travel more and buy our first house, because we can be able to, and we can be able to start paying a mortgage of, it’s just a case of when, me and my GF are going to do it. I want to make sure, I get private medical insurance because the NHS isn’t really that good and you could be waiting weeks to get operations and other things like that!


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