• Creativity/Literature
    In this area you will find different entries about books I’ve read, plan on reading, and other related matters.  Eventually you will also read my writing about my writing and perhaps I will even be brave enough to post my own creative works.
  • Foodie
    This is one subject that I can never get tired of talking about.  In this section you will see different posts about all kinds of food that I’ve personally tried, will probably try, and food that I will definitely have again.  I am always looking for something new to try so if you have a suggestion feel free to get in touch with me.
  • Health
    I am not a health nut but I appreciate quick cures for ailments when I’m experiencing them.  I don’t handle pain very well so I’m all about preventative care. We only have one body so let’s take care of it right?
  • Just Sharon
    Sometimes I  will have those moments where I just write what I think with no real research or anything.  There will also be times where I write about things and I’m not sure how to categories them.  In cases like those I will archive those kind of posts in this category.
  • Media & Entertainment
    Music, movies, TV shows, celebrities, and other entertainment topics will be archived here.  Do you have an artist or band that you’d recommend? Let me know, I’ll be happy to check them out and post my opinion about them.
  • My Pets
    I love my animals.  My pets give me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside (most of the time) and since I don’t have any kids yet I imagine though that it’s a similar feeling.  This section is dedicated to my pets. You will also find some quick tips on pet care in this section.
  • Self-help & Organization
    When it comes to advice I appreciate it when people who give the advice have actually practiced it themselves.  With that being said, everything that advise will be of matters that I had encountered myself as well and I am living proof that they work.
  • Technology & The Web
    I don’t purchase every new gadget that is released out there but I do enjoy learning about them. In this section all matters related to electronic devices and other topics about the web and technology in general.
  • Travels
    In the years to come I hope to really build up this section because I absolutely love traveling.  Road trips, flying, and just hitting up the local spots I enjoy visiting new places.  In this area you find me sharing my traveling experiences.

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