Dunkin’ Donuts – Classic Egg & Cheese Croissant


Today I ordered a medium toasted almond coffee (black) and an egg & cheese croissant. It was PERFECT.  I wish Costco had an option to buy just a single or few croissants so I can make my own egg & cheese croissant at home.  Instead they have this big pack for sale and although they are DELICIOUS – it is not healthy to eat that whole pack in one week (my husband and I have done it in the past).

I guess I could purchase one of those Pillsbury croissant pre made doughs.  However those range anywhere from $2-$4 I think and I might as well just run to Dunkin’ and grab one already made sandwiches there.  Perhaps if I had friends and family over it would make making a whole batch more cost effective but when it’s just me and maybe my husband too it’s more convenient to purchase them at Dunkin’ Donuts.  For $2.29 for the breakfast sandwich…you just can’t get the same value or better purchasing all of the ingredients and making it at home, again unless you have feeding several people.




Grilled sockeye salmon – Whole30 compliant


Dinner tonight was DELICIOUS.  The recipe can be found here: Whole30 Grilled Salmon Officially I just completed Day 4 of Whole30 (I would be at Day 8 had I not messed up earlier!) but that’s OK.  Two things that I’ve noticed about this plan of eating good food three times a day… 1) I don’t feel gross after eating any of my meals 2) When I am hungry for my next meal I am HUNGRY.  Like… it’s not a matter of hmm… I feel like eating this or that or maybe it’s time for me to eat? NO. IT IS TIME TO EAT.  I was not prepared for lunch today so I threw something together:


Yep… that’s mixed salad, sardines, pecans, and a banana.  My mouth was saying ew but my stomach after half the plate was saying “THANK GOD!”  I’m not starving myself I’m really not. I eat a lot probably more than I have in the past just less snacking and better quality food.  One of these days maybe I’ll dedicate one of my blog posts to my favorite meals on the The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom plan.  That probably won’t be until September or October though.  I am currently keeping a log on the Whole30 community forum however that particular board where I keep my log isn’t accessible to the public (sorry!)

Peas are considered legumes!!!

I thought I was wrapping up my Day 4 last night when a fellow Whole30 community member reached out and informed me that the peas I ate for breakfast one morning are considered legumes. 😦  Legumes are a non-compliant to Whole30 so I now have to restart my 30 days. I knew better than to eat something that wasn’t on the list. Next time I am questioning everything before I prepare it for consumption (no matter how green and safe/healthy it looks).

IMG_2284I must say though this Whole30 journey isn’t as hard as I thought it might be.  Yes I feel limited to the foods I can eat but at the same time it’s liberating to not have to stress about what to eat next.  I’ve tried more recipes that I have had when I didn’t limit the kind of foods I ate at all.  My most favorite recipe attempt I’ve done is Coconut shrimp.  It was DELICIOUS.  I used this recipe: Primal Bites: Healthy Paleo Coconut Shrimp

TAZO – Organic baked cinnamon apple

IMG_20150706_085227 Have you drank a cup of tea before going to sleep to help yourself wind down for the evening?  This is what I do.  My latest preferred flavor is TAZO’s organic baked cinnamon apple.  This is caffeine-free tea.  I think it’s perfect because it is sweet enough on its own without adding extra sugar.  So while I am listening to music or reading a book a cup of tea helps prepare my body and mind to slow down and get ready to go to bed. Even though the pack of 20 cost almost $5 I justified it with the fact that if I were to purchase 20 cups of tea from Starbucks I would easily spend $20 or more.  Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks however it’s more of a social outing with friends and family do I find myself going there.  If I allowed myself to go there casually on the regular basis I would spend a lot of money and right now I do not want to budget for Starbucks.  Besides, the purpose of drinking this tea for me is to wind down and I love the convenience of being able to drink this in the comfort of my own home.

Description on box: “Spiced apple nestles with rich rooibos for a sweetly indulgent herbal infusion, with other natural flavors.”

Strawberries are not berries

IMG_1802Berries are fruits that come from a single ovary with multiple seeds (e.g. bananas, grapes, bananas, and bell peppers, etc). I know crazy right? While raspberries and blackberries are technically considered aggregate fruits/drupes – which are a whole bunch of little fruits group together.  Strawberries are NOT berries.  The red part that you see on strawberries is a fleshy receptacle not fruit.  Who are we kidding though? Who actually cares about these technicalities right?  Fruits and vegetables are DELICIOUS.  I love chomping down on a juicy and sweet strawberry.  When it comes to my peanut butter and sandwiches or jam on toast I ALWAYS prefer strawberry.

Monthly Indulges
So at least once a month we go to the farmer’s market and get three baskets full of these delicious strawberries.  Sometimes I go a little over the top and eat it with whipped cream!  We keep frozen strawberries in the freezer for shakes/smoothies.  Chocolate covered strawberries are heavenly but you would not see me spending $2.50 on a single one in a shoppe.

IMG_1804Organic Strawberries VS Non-Organic
Yes there IS a difference.  It isn’t just about pesticides or no pesticides.  Organic strawberries have been tested to have an increased amount antioxidants and vitamin C.  Also, they taste sweeter.  Have you ever bitten into a strawberry and thought “hmm, that’s not very sweet at all?”  Chances are the fruit you bit into is actually non-organic.

Do you like strawberries? When was the last time you indulged and treated yourself to this wonderful fruit?

LaTerra Fina Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip & Spread – DELICIOUS

IMG_20150620_091331I was just telling my husband that I’ve never had this much artichoke in my life until we moved here to California. I love artichokes now in my pizza, salads, and dips. It just adds a whole another flavor in my opinion. There is a place we like to drive to for fried artichokes. . It’s a place called Moss Landing – it’s about an hour away but we like to go there once and a while and take advantage of the local farmers market where we are able to score grapefruit priced at 10 for $1. They sell artichokes too but I haven’t been brave enough to cook it myself yet.

If you’re looking for something a little healthier to offer your guests at a get together, party, potluck, etc then this spinach artichoke and parmesan dip and spread is a great choice. We bought it Costco. You can use it to dunk raw vegetables, crackers, or even the tortilla chips. You can serve it hot or cold. Personally I like to warm up some on a dish for about 25 seconds in the microwave stir then warm it up for another 10 seconds. Sure you can make your own dip from scratch and I’m sure it would taste delicious. However, if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to take the time to make something from scratch then this is an awesome solution.

Delicious Black Coffee


I’m a huge fan of coffee. If we’ve frequented the same forum community you may have heard me mention coffee and my love for it at least once. I read this awesome article on the 13 Health Benefits of Coffee.

I think coffee just taste good. Like a lot of things though it is an acquired taste. I now drink my coffee black but I remember when I used to love loads of cream and sugar. Back in the days when I worked but lived with my parents and didn’t care much about saving money I spent a lot of time at the local coffee shop/bookstore with my friends and drank lots of coffee drinks. I easily must have spent $100 per month on that stuff (considering the occasional cookie or other baked goods). Looking back on pictures though man did that contribute to me being overweight!

The heaviest I’ve ever been was 143 lbs. Which is VERY unhealthy considering I am only 4’11”.   I was able to go from 143 lbs to 118 lbs by watching what I ate and worked out regularly. I gave up the Frappuccino’s for a while and has become a rare treat for myself. When I do have them it’s usually homemade where I can control what kind of milk and how much (if any) sugar I put into it.

So yes I drink my coffee black. I know some of you might think it’s crazy. I prefer it now actually. It wasn’t easy giving up sugar and cream. However, now that I drink coffee black I am actually able to taste the difference between one brand to another. The flavors like “French vanilla” and “Costa Rican” for example the two taste distinctly different to me.   I’ve tried adding sugar and cream to my coffee but when I do that now all I can taste is the sweetness and the creaminess the coffee flavor gets dulled.

If you read the article I linked above you can see all of the benefits of coffee and you don’t have to worry about the negative side effects of drinking too much sugar or milk if you opt in for black coffee. If you want to train yourself to drink black coffee here are my advice on how to do it:

  1. Start off with putting less cream and sugar. For instance, if you usually put three scoops of sugar try simply putting one and half. Gradually work yourself to having no sugar.
  2. Do the same for the cream.
  3. When you are ready – just drink your coffee black, even if it doesn’t taste that great. After the 20th attempt of drinking black coffee you will discover a whole new world. (if not sooner).

There are so many different kinds of coffee out there. I love it when supermarkets have the coffee bean dispensers where you can measure out your own bag. These allow me to try different kind of flavors.

How do you like your coffee? Do you think you will ever drink it black?