What is your box?


Fancy cat scratch post x2 = $50, vibrating cat toy $6, comfy cat bed $15… and do you know what Percy prefers to spend time with/in? That’s right this Del Monte Gold banana box that we got at Costco to carry our groceries in.

I’m sitting here on our porch listening to the birds chirp and the cars and motorcycles passing in the distance somewhere and I’m having one of those… self reflecting moments. We spend so much of our earned money buying things to entertain ourselves in the little time that we have not working. Why is that?

Percy paces when I move his box when he doesn’t know where I put it. It’s kind of funny. He loves boxes so much that we have two more inside the apartment so he has options. So what is my “box”?

I guess mine would be my husband who is sitting on the sofa right now working on his French. He’s studying the thing that he spends most days learning now. I know this is temporary and in the long run it will pay off. Heck, I better see Paris, France out of this! In the mean time all I can do is be here for him and help him when I can. I’m really glad that I decided to come to California with him. I probably would have drove myself crazy if I had stayed in Texas all this time. I do miss Texas though. I look forward to going back home. We both are.


Why do dogs love cat food so much?

I try to stay on top of it, I do. Whenever I let the dogs roam around the house I make it a point to put the cat’s food on top of the counter.  There are times when I forget though and I look down and see Percy’s bowl completely empty.  Percy would never touch the dogs’ food. Yet, Kimo and Balthazar… they gobble it up like crazy.  I don’t know why.  Are dogs generally just that gluttonous?

So yep I Googled it: “Why do dogs like cat food?” So basically… according to Vetstreet.com, dogs are attracted to cat food because of the higher protein content.  Apparently some dogs can handle cat food while others can’t.  As for my dogs… well, I don’t know because I haven’t allowed them to eat much. Percy does pretty well at eating his food (a little too well, talk about gluttonous creatures!) so what the dogs manage to steal are small leftovers.

Fleas be gone!

IMG_1987So Percy (my cat), his hair loss problem hasn’t gotten much better. We changed out his food so we’re thinking it’s not an allergy reaction to his food.  Although it’s difficult to spot fleas because of his dark hair and his unwillingness to stay still we’re thinking he has fleas.  We decided to get him a flea collar and thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind it.  Against his black fur it sticks out quite a bit. I’m glad he seems to be comfortable with it though.  Got Frontline too for the dogs just in case.

Percy our cat – is losing a lot of hair.

IMG_0897It was my husband who first fell in love with this cat while visiting his Dad.  Apparently they were just hanging out in the backyard when Percy went up to him and started snuggling up with him.  At the time his name was Sophie (yeah they thought he was a girl).  His aunt told my husband that Percy was a stray but they would give him food so he ended up staying.  My husband didn’t like the thought of Percy having to stay outside in the cold.  After texting a while back and forth my he brought Percy home.

It was the veterinarian that figured out that Percy was actually a boy and that he was in fact already neutered.  (My husband went in thinking that “she” needed to get spayed.) It was also there that we found out that Percy has Feline Leukemia.  Apparently Feline Leukemia is the second most causes of fatality in cats besides trauma.  He hadn’t shown any symptoms yet but the Vet said that we could have as little as a year with him or he can live a long healthy life.  There is really nothing else we can do but to try and provide him good quality food (loads of protein) and keep him in a stress free environment.

We recently changed his food so we’re thinking that he might have an allergic reaction to something.  We switched his food so hopefully it will help his loss of hair.  Cats are interesting. Sometimes he acts like he wants nothing to do with you and in the next minute he wants your undivided attention.  If his hair loss gets worse I may have to convince my husband that he needs to go to the Vet.

Rant: Dog owners pick up after your dog!


One of the awesome things about owning a blog is you can rant about whatever you want.  Today I’m going to rant about people not picking up after their dogs.  You share the same path as other dog owners if we’re courteous enough to pick up after our pets why can’t you?!  It’s disgusting.

I find myself having to pick up after other dogs because I don’t want to risk my dog stepping in it.  You don’t have to get fancy and buy the disposable doggie poop bags you can use a newspaper, old sandwich bags, grocery bags, whatever just take something with you when you let your dog poop it’s not that hard.

For our dogs we actually bought a 1000 pack of dog poop bags from Amazon just so we can be sure we never run out.  It came with this neat little dispenser that we keep with our dog leash.  They come in many colors even scented or unscented ones.

I wish I would catch one of my neighbors letting their dogs poop somewhere then attempt to walk away.  Oh I long for the day to be able to run up to them and say “oh hey, I noticed you ran out of poop bags, here are a couple you can use.”

Sir Percy – The Majestic Cat

I remember I was at work when I got the text from my husband asking me if he could bring a cat home from visiting his dad.  Apparently his aunt had been leaving food for him but never let him in the house.  Also, at the time they believed he was a girl.  It wasn’t until we took him to the vet where it was determined that he was actually male but had been neutered already.  At the time while we thought he was a girl, I wanted to call her Persephone after the queen of the underworld in Greek mythology.  Jared thought that name was too long anyway.  To my delight when I found out he was in fact a boy I insisted we call him Percy and the name stuck especially when called him Sir Percy when I first met him.  The name sounds like the name of a gallant knight or something!

I had a pretty strong feeling that we were going to adopt a cat anyway because my husband has always been more of a cat person.  Percy is the sweetest cat I have ever met even sweeter than my former cat from when I was a child named Oreo.  Most of the time Percy is really good, minds his own business, and keeps to himself most times however when he is hungry or his litter box isn’t clean you will know about it.  There is no ignoring Percy.  He also has this tendency to go completely limp once you hold him. It never fails he looks totally at ease when you carry him. We absolutely love this cat no doubt about it.

Balthazar – The Hyperactive One

I think that is the perfect word for this little guy.  I remember when I first got him he used to howl like a wolf.  I will have to try and hunt that video down somewhere.  It was sooooo cute!  So yes, he is constantly running around and getting into things.  I always need to have him within my sight because I’m too afraid he will do something he’s not supposed to do.  I once had to take him to the vet because it looked like he couldn’t close his mouth all the way shut.  He was still eating and running around like he does but his mouth just would not shut.  I had my friend Isabela hold him down while I examined his mouth but I could not figure it out.  The vet looked and with a tool that looked like pliers she was able to unlodge a piece of a ballpoint pen cap.  Somehow it had wedged in between his teeth and gum was black so it blended in with the inside of his mouth.

Balthazar is actually really friendly and will let anyone pet him.  It is when you don’t acknowledge his presence that he goes crazy and barking. Poor Kimo, sometimes he will look at me with an expression practically screaming “get him away from me please” because Balthazar just wants to play all of the time.  It is not unusual to see Balthazar running circles around Kimo as he just lays on his blanket.  Kimo’s a bit of a grumpy grandpa though and Balthazar knows just how far he can annoy him. I rarely ever catch Balthy sleeping and when he does it is not very long at least in the day time.  At night time though he snores. lol