Languavel – An online community established for language and travel enthusiasts.

10000 I wanted to talk about Languavel.  It is a forum community that my friend Cierra and I have established in hopes of catering to language and travel enthusiasts all over the world.  When Cierra invited me to join her in this venture back in October of last year I was delighted to find out that we share the same interests which ultimately became Languavel. (She gets all the credit for that catchy name!) Today we hit an amazing milestone – we now have over 10,000 posts in our forum community.  To have this many posts in a forum that has been open for less than a year is such a huge accomplishment.  Every day people log in to talk about various topics.  I am so proud to be part of this amazing forum. We have many plans and hopes for Languavel and we’re just trying to iron out the details.  If this sounds interesting to you – I invite you to join us!


Words of an email hoarder.


I’m writing this blog post reaching out for an intervention.  The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, right?

Hello my name is Sharon and I am an email hoarder.  In all seriousness though I have got too many emails.  Sometimes I play with the idea of logging out of my email and never use it again – just create a new email address and start fresh!  I’ve had this email address since middle school though and I’ve got so many account linked to it.  I just have so many emails to sort through it’s ridiculous.

Over the years I’ve fooled myself into thinking that I’ve organized my emails by making folders and sorting them out that way.  I NEVER search through my folders for anything so why do I keep them?  For sentimental value? Come on Sharon get real.  This is like keeping junk mail or old christmas cards from the 3rd grade. Sometimes… you just have to learn to let go.  As you can see I am still trying to convince myself.

So in attempts to cleaning out my email box I’ve created one more folder. (I know I know I must beat the cycle and this is probably not the best way to handle it but hear my out.)  I named it “1. To be sorted through” – the number 1 is there is so that it’s at the very top of my folders list.  (I wasn’t kidding about the collection of folders I had!) OK so I’ve clicked select all and moved every single email that I had into that folder.  IF I do end up needing something I will just search for it.  Everyday I will dedicate 15 minutes to this folder and clear out as much of it as I can. I’m seriously going to set a timer and everything.  Everyday when I check my email I will unsubscribe to anything that is no longer applicable to me (or ever), answer any emails that come in that require responses, AND/OR DELETE.  No more storing and putting away unless it is an important document that I seriously need to have easy access to in the future.

Wish me luck!

Jawbone UP24 – Fitness Tracker


I bought my UP24 fitness tracker back in January in hopes of motivating myself to get back into shape. I definitely became aware of how much I was moving (or not moving rather). I fell out of routine due to the move here to California. Since I am not required to find a job out here I know I no longer have any excuses not to get into shape. I am not obese by any means but being 4’11” it doesn’t take much to look overweight. Besides, I want to fit comfortably into my jeans again!IMG_1884

Track Your Steps
Lately I’ve set my goal to reach 15,000 steps, Monday thru Friday.  I haven’t been able to consistently hit that 15K mark yet (approximately 5-6 miles) but I’m working on it!  My ultimate goal is to be able to comfortably hit 20,000 steps daily. Last week my best day was Monday and I took 19,830. I’m getting close!

Track Your Sleep
Every week I get an email from Jawbone giving me an overview of how I did in the past week which is really cool.  I’m starting to think that my body does not need 8 hours of sleep.  That is what I have my sleep goal as but I am averaging about 7 hours and 55 minutes of sleep which is pretty close I guess.  I’m going to keep my sleep goal at 8 hours.

Track Your Food Intake
There is also a part in the app where you can track the foods you are eating.  Because I do not have an iPhone or Android I do not keep the app on my at all times with my mobile phone it’s rather inconvenient for me to log what I eat when I am limited to my iPad which has to be connected to WIFI in order for me to use the UP app. So I can’t really vouch how useful this part of the app is. I can say that I have some teammates that use it regularly to track what they eat.

Is this the fitness tracker for you? I can’t answer that. You must do you own research. My tips would be… what do you want to use the fitness tracker for?  Do you want it to have a screen display or do you want something minimal in design?  There are so many YouTube videos available out there on various fitness trackers.  Remember, most expensive does not always mean the best for you.  Make list of what is important to you and find the device that fulfills your needs the most.

Blogging – to write or not to write? Is that the question?


OK so I KNOW the month of May has been an epic fail for my blogging ambition.  I’m happy to report that I am officially back and actively trying to improve this blog.  For starters I decided to pull the trigger and move from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger had been EXCELLENT to me by providing me the foundation I needed to post and reassure myself that blogging on the daily basis is not impossible.  After weeks of frustrations of not having control of changing the things that I wanted to change I decided to move to WordPress.  It’s only been 24 hours and I can already tell that a whole new world has opened up for me.

June is a new month!
I’ve made it a personal goal to post daily again starting June 1st.  I’ve got a few days left of May so I will be using this time to pre-write some future blog posts so I can always be a few posts ahead. 😉  I’ve got my purple and green notepads.  I’ve always found that these two colors have generated creative ideas for me in the past and with these tools and pens by my side I have NO excuse not to write.

Improvements ahead
I will be making regular (yet subtle changes) as far as my blog layout goes however content will ALWAYS be my focus.  Over the last couple of months I received a few (detailed) reviews/feedback of Citadel of Thoughts and I’ve been using them as my guide on the improvement plan.  If you have any ideas as far as what can benefit my blog, blog entry idea, or any other feedback please feel free to respond to this blog post or shoot me an email.

Advertising Opportunity For All!

Today I went through my office supplies and tried to downsize (still working on it)!  I came across some random pens and markers and decided to see which ones I can throw away.  While I was doing this, an advertising idea came into mind.
People still advertise with flyers right?  So that’s what I did – I made a flyer.  I was going for random and colorful.  I think I succeeded.  Although it does look like a 5 year old made it.  I liked it.  It has character I think! 😉  I just hope it works.  I posted it in a local coffee shop so we shall see.
Do you have a website, blog, or forum?  You can reply to this entry and take it as an advertising opportunity and I won’t flag you for it!

Pinterest…Got me pinned for hours!

This is what I look like while browsing through Pinterest.  I don’t use Pinterest too often but when I do OMG!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.  I know I know, it’s just a bunch of pictures collected and you can click on them if you want to read about it but oh my goodness, I can never get tired of looking at baby puppies, tigers, then there are recipes, do-it-yourself projects and… ah the possibilities are endless!  I was supposed to read a book that a friend recommended to me last night but I never cracked it open after the first chapter because Pinterest just well, pinned me to my iPad!  Next thing I knew I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.   I now remember why I don’t look at Pinterest too often, it’s not that I don’t like it – I just like TOO much! 😉  Are you a fan of Pinterest?  What do you typically look at on there? Please comment below!