Get over your blankpagephobia!

So I’ve been staring at this blinking cursor for about 3 minutes now. How many of us blog owners have come across the same feeling of intimidation and fear of that BLANK PAGE and ever-blinking cursor? It’s like it’s screaming at you “ah-ha! You can’t type anything…you are doomed to stare at this blank page.

Our muses are always around… we just sometimes need to quiet that voice inside our head that is distracting us from writing the words down that are just waiting to be expressed. Sometimes it just takes that initial typing even when you’re not sure of what’s going to come out. Why be afraid? It’s not like you can’t erase it if it’s not “good enough”.

I think too often do we let that ‘voice’ talk us out of writing and the next thing we know it’s been months since our last blog entry. Sometimes we just got to put our foot down and choose to get over our blankpagephobia!


Citadel of Thoughts Won the BEST BLOG AWARD 2015 at

I feel kind of bad because I’ve been slacking off on my blog lately.  It’s definitely a wake up call though.  My blog had to be nominated by other members AND they had to vote for Citadel of Thoughts via Private Message so they really picked my blog – it’s not as simple as voting in a poll or something. That was pretty exciting.  Time to seriously knuckle down though and start posting again.  I just need to take the time and actually WRITE!  It’s not like I don’t have anything to write about either.  So much is in the works right now… I just need to sit back and record some of these happenings.  They also rewarded me with $5 which is pretty sweet. Thank you!

Sorry for going MIA you guys – On to the next page! 😉

Why haven’t you been blogging?

Thank you AAA for kicking my butt back into gear!  To be honest my excuse is simple: I have not made Citadel of Thoughts priority lately.  I will do better (I promise!)  …for how long? We shall see!

What’s been going on…

Stepping Up & Nutrition
So I’ve been focusing a lot on my fitness and nutrition.  16,000 steps per day in hopes of getting that number up to 20K soon.  I’ve also been on the Whole30 program which is 30 days of clean eating strictly protein, vegetables, and fruit with no additives or added sugar of any kind.  Eating out has dropped drastically considering there is virtually NOTHING compliant in restaurant foods.  The closest I’ve gotten to is Sushi; which I loved despite the fact that I couldn’t have any of the wasabi or ginger because of the potential corn starch and sugar content in them.  The fact that there is no rice or grains allowed in the Whole30 program I was stuck with an order of sashimi and house salad but it was still delicious to me!  With that being sense a great deal of my absence from C.O.T is due to the fact that I spent a lot of time preparing my meals.  I don’t think I’ve eaten this many vegetables in my life but you know what?  I love it!

This is project I’ve been working on with my friend Amanda. I will be running an advice column for the radio station and host live with her once a month.  I will definitely talk more about that in a future blog post because I know I would want all of my readers to check that out as well!

I had this great fear of programming and getting my head around it so I decided to tackle it head on and create a new website.  It is still work in progress but essentially it’s going to be like an online directory to help website, forum, and blog owners advertise their sites.  I will talk more about that as well once it is LIVE.

But…no more excuses
Considering that I do not have a job yet surely I can spend at least an hour to Citadel of Thoughts.  I will once again make my blog priority – I’m sorry for disappearing there for a bit! With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you – what do you think I should write about next?  Please let me know by leaving a comment.

Bloggers – Yes, you should use your own photos in your blog!

IMG_1830It’s not just about being different or making your blog stand out. I just hear time and time again stories of people getting threats about being sued over using someone else’s copyrighted picture without their consent.

I don’t currently make ANY money for writing in Citadel of Thoughts in fact I’ve invested my own money into this project I do it mostly for fun.  In a way it’s actually quite therapeutic and allows me to step outside of my head for a little bit and just think about the words that I’m going to type on here.  It’s kind of just walking around with no other purpose but to get fresh air and observe your surroundings.  When I write on here it makes me forget what I need to do tomorrow or what I didn’t do today and I just make myself focus on what’s in front of me.  That’s essentially what bloggers want to do that is the thing we have in common.  Now the last thing we want is to hear something negative like being threatened by a law suit.

So if you do blog, do yourself a favor when you post things use your own images.  You can take any picture from your smart phone.  You don’t need a fancy camera.  What I’ve been doing for myself is when I have moment to walk around town I try to have my camera with and just try to take pictures of everything I find interesting. If I’m out and about running errands or something and I don’t have my camera you will find me still snapping away with my phone.  The great thing with this approach is you will find that when you’re in rut, you can look through your pictures and you can actually snap out of your writer’s block by simply searching through your photos and wait for inspiration to hit.