Improve your lifestyle: Go camping.

IMG_1801 If I were given the opportunity to camp for like a week somewhere I think I would love it.  The longest I’ve ever camped has been for two nights.  I am talking about real camping as in no electronics just a fire, food, tent, sleeping bag, and good company.  Some people considering camping staying in a cabin or having an RV with air conditioning and TV.  That sort of camping is just not the same in my opinion.  There are definitely some things that make camping more comfortable e.g. camping chairs, hammocks, air mattress, etc.  However, camping is not truly camping if you are able to pull yourself from outside distractions such as television, phone, internet, etc.

Typical camping foods are hot dogs, burgers, s’mores, and chips.  It is always great when there can be a group of people and everyone pitches in and shares their collection of food for variety.  If you are able to fish while camping it is fantastic to be able to cook and eat the catch.

There is something about camping that puts you in the moment and allows you to reflect with those you are with about life and the future.  If you are not able to hold a conversation with those that are with you there is something wrong – either you are not close or you just don’t know how to communicate with each other.  How often do we see families being home at the same time only to find themselves all in separate rooms on their devices?  They tend to say that they are simply trying to find a moment to be by themselves and away from everyone or they are just winding down; yet even when they are with each other in the same room they barely say anything to each other?  When was the last time you’ve truly had a heart-to-heart conversation with your family members about your present, past, or future?

When you are sitting by the fire with just a cold drink in hand with light music playing in the background with other people close to you two things will happen: 1) You will all sit there watching the fire in comfortable silence 2)Talk with each other about anything and everything.  If people are constantly feeling the need to be doing in my opinion they are not comfortable enough to sit down and just enjoy one another’s company.

Do you enjoy camping? When was the last time you’ve allowed yourself to get away from the every day grind with the company of those that are most close to you?


Yosemite National State Park – One more for the memory books!

3 I actually thought that this camping trip was going to be a bit more brutal considering how much travel time we were anticipating.  With my friend flying in from Dallas we had to drive about 2 hours to the San Francisco International Airport then from there drive another 3 hours to Yosemite.  I think it helped that my husband and I got adequate sleep the night before.  We did not book a reservation for a campsite in Yosemite because you have to do that months in advance (and even then you must time it right and be ready to book when the spots open up).  Our hearts dropped a little when we arrived and the sign said “All Camps Full” however after walking around the park we were a bit relieved to find that we didn’t have to stay the night there.  Don’t get me wrong the places is BEAUTIFUL however it was packed with A LOT of tourist and parking was a nightmare.

4 We stopped at a campsite near Yosemite I don’t remember what it was called but we decided not to camp there; not because there weren’t any spots open but simply because it felt like we would be setting up camp in a middle of a field with someone’s generator at a constant hum next to us.  I’m glad we kept going because we ended up staying at a place called “The Pines” and we were able to secure site 8 which was located in the far back and we felt pretty secluded considering no one ended up staying at site 7 which was located closeby.  We were able to set up our tent and get the fire going relatively quickly and I cooked some sausage hot dogs for us.  It was a fantastic night just catching up with food, water, and beer.

2  My dog Kimo scored some pretty awesome points with us.  We discovered that he could be trusted not to wander off on his own (we somehow let the leash get undone from the table leg).  He did wander off momentarily but really impressed us because he managed to find my husband who had went on a walk and discovered that the nearby trail was relatively long and had many different paths and somehow our dog figured out which one  he took and despite the steep inclines he had to endure he found my husband and actually led the way back when Jared suggested to him “C’mon Kimo, let’s go back”.

1 If you enjoy camping as in real camping with tents and sleeping bags and are wondering if it’s a good idea to just ‘wing it’ and visit Yosemite don’t stress about reservation unless you are traveling far and really want to stay IN Yosemite then try to book in advanced. However, if you just want to stop by and spend the day hiking around the park and take pictures and are totally cool with just setting up camp and aren’t too picky about where; you really do have options.  I am so glad we finally got around to going to Yosemite!