Attention Booklovers! Trade your books in!

Are you like me and have a BUNCH of books that I’ve already read and/or books I never plan on reading?   Check out this AWESOME book trading site which offers its members a place to trade in their books which can be used to request for other books.  So far I’ve got 11 credits saved up (and 11 books less taking up valuable space!)

So when you first sign up you are asked to list 10 books that you are willing to part with and send off when other members request for them.  In return for just inputting a list of 10 books you are given 2 FREE credits.  You can use these credits to request two different books.  Their search engine is very intuitive – you can virtually find ANY title or author.   If you want a book that no one is yet trading you can add it to your Wishlist and you will be notified as soon as someone adds it to the system.

Paperbackswap is the name of this website.  After you use your 2 free credits you can choose to pay $0.50 per trade, $12 for annual membership which gives you 30 free swaps, or the plan that I signed up for because I plan on trading OFTEN is $20 for annual membership which gives you unlimited free swaps.

When you do decide to check it out and add 10 books to the system please note “Shawie” where it says “Referred By” in the registration form and add me as a friend.  Perhaps I have books you are wanting to read, or vice versa – I would love to trade!