Reading Books – Is there enough time?

There is always enough time to do the things you love.  For me, I’ve been neglecting my reading hobby.  I am supposed to be read 50 books in 2015.  Perhaps the goal was a little too high? ..or perhaps I just haven’t prioritized it enough. 30 books in 39 days?  Unless I made that the ONLY thing I did in my free time I am not sure if I can make it.  …but hey, I can TRY.

You can check out the books that I read here:

What if, I were to read several books at one time?  People do that right?  I wonder if that will help me reach my goal any sooner.  If I can dedicate 1 hours every day to reading… that is 39 hours of reading. How many books can I finish reading in 39 hours?  We shall see!

So just to experiment I will read these 4 books at the same time (well one at a time but I won’t be finishing one book before moving on to the next one)

  • The Happiness Project – Ron Leifer M.D. (288 Pages)
  • Manuscript Found in Accra – Paulo Coelho (190 Pages)
  • Adultery – Paulo Coelho (249 Pages)
  • The Light In The Forest – Conrad Richter (117 Pages)

I have three weeks with these books (I borrowed three of them from the library) but hopefully it will take me less time than that to finish all four.

What are your reading habits like?  How often do you read? Let us know by leaving a comment.


One step closer to organizing my book collection.

IMG_20150713_105109Today I shipped off 6 books I even had a conversation about it with the post office cashier.  She wondered why I was sending all these different books to different address and I told her. Within the next week or so I should have a total of 11 credits for my future book requests on PaperbackSwap. For now I am looking forward to finishing this decluttering of books. I’ve got a total of 4 boxes of books. Two of which I am keeping and another two of ones I am not.
First Box: Books I intend on reading in the next two months.

Second Box: Books I intend to keep because I love them or ones that I intend on reading but know I won’t get to until later
Third and Fourth Box: Books that I am willing to trade away.  If you’re a member as well here is a link to my PaperbackSwap profile:

So the technique I used to organize my books in boxes is I first stacked all of my books (already decided which ones to keep and which ones not to keep) Placed  all of the tallest ones at the bottom and the shortest ones to the top.  I layers the books and they fit like I was playing Tetris or something!  Doing this allowed me to place all of them in boxes and I am able to see in a glance the book titles.

I don’t have a bookshelf.

In the haste of getting rid of as much as I can for this temporary move to California I gave away/sold my bookcases.  Now my books have been sitting neglected in boxes and I feel kind of bad about it.  In a couple of months we’ll be moving back to Texas so I will probably wait until we get back.  What prompted me to write about this tonight is because out of curiosity I was searched for DIY bookshelves and was pretty amazed with some of the bookshelf ideas I found.

One in particular caught my eye where their books were being held by pieces of wood and metal plumbing pipes. It looked so cool! I definitely want to do something like that some day. It may not be wood and pipes but we’ll see.  I should definitely downsize my book collection and just keep the ones I know for sure I would want to read again in the future. It’s just difficult to let go sometimes knowing that the people I could give them to may not appreciate the books like I do! Do you know the feeling?  For now, I am using this website called Paperbacks Swap where people can trade books. This will probably be my task for tomorrow… make a full inventory list of what books I have and figure out which to keep for sure and ones that I can let go. I will probably have them still in my possession even long after I move back to Texas but at least I will have them organized when I’m ready to let go.

How do you organize your books?  Do you sort them by title? I’ve heard that some people go as far as organizing them by genre or alphabetically by author.