Top 10 things to do fall asleep faster.

  1. Turn off ALL electronic devices.
    Whether it’s your phone, iPad, TV, etc… turn it off or at least put it out of reach. Try not to use any of these devices at least 30 minutes before going to bed. No checking your email, text messages, etc… it’s time for bed.
  2. Take a melatonin.
    Sometimes we need that extra nudge to fall asleep. I think over-the-counter “sleeping aids” are known to have addictive attributes so when I need it I prefer to take natural melatonin.
  3. Read a book.
    It never fails, when I read a book while in bed it only takes a few chapters before drowsiness takes over especially if I’ve already done at least 2 other things on this list.
  4. Listen to natural sounds track.
    There is an APP that I like to use called Sleep Pillow because it allows me to choose certain sounds (crackling fire and rain is my favorite combination) and I can choose to have it loop and set a timer so it will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time.
  5. Take a shower.
    If I don’t do anything else this is the one thing I do every night. Showers have a way of regulating your body temperature and I sincerely believe showering before bed really helps one relax. At the very least I recommend you wash your face, it makes a difference.
  6. Make the room cool temperature.
    I get cold very easily so this one isn’t as critical for me however my husband cannot fall asleep at all if the room temperature is not cool.
  7. Take the time to stretch.
    When you find yourself tossing and turning sometimes getting out of bed and stretching your arms and legs help.
  8. Drink water.
    I don’t mean drink a whole bottle of water or anything because that will definitely wake you up in the middle of night because you’d have to use the bathroom. Sometimes half a glass is enough to satisfy your thirst. While you’re at it though, you should probably relieve yourself in the restroom if you haven’t already.
  9. Put on loose clothing.
    Some people like to sleep naked. I can’t do that as I get too sweaty when I don’t have clothes on (weird I know). Jeans, longsleeves, socks (unless it’s really cold for some reason) will not do, put on some loose clothing to ensure a successful wind down to dream land.
  10. Make the bed.
    When all else fails get up, make the bed then crawl in. I know it sounds crazy at a glance but seriously, if nothing else has worked, why not? ūüėČ

TAZO – Organic baked cinnamon apple

IMG_20150706_085227¬†Have you drank a cup of tea before going to sleep to help yourself wind down for the evening? ¬†This is what I do. ¬†My latest preferred flavor is TAZO’s organic baked cinnamon apple. ¬†This is caffeine-free tea. ¬†I think it’s perfect because it is sweet enough on its own without adding extra sugar. ¬†So while I am listening to music or reading a book a cup of tea helps prepare my body and mind to slow down and get ready to go to bed. Even though the pack of 20 cost almost $5 I justified it with the fact that if I were to purchase 20 cups of tea from Starbucks I would easily spend $20 or more. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks however it’s more of a social outing with friends and family do I find myself going there. ¬†If I allowed myself to go there casually on the regular basis I would spend a lot of money and right now I do not want to budget for Starbucks. ¬†Besides, the purpose of drinking this tea for me is to wind down and I love the convenience of being able to drink this in the comfort of my own home.

Description on box: “Spiced apple nestles with rich rooibos for a sweetly indulgent herbal infusion, with other natural flavors.”

Sleep…where art thou?

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.36.17 AMI had been tossing in turning since 12:43AM Рit is now 4:20AM when I finally decided to get up and give up on the concept of going back to sleep.  Granted I went to bed a bit early (8:27AM) I was aiming for 8 hours sleep but it ended up being more like 5 hours and 20 minutes of broken sleep.

What was problem?
Maybe it was the fact that I forced myself to go to sleep so early. ¬†I wanted to wake up at 4:30AM because my husband needs to be at work by 5 (we share one car) and still get 8 hours of sleep. ¬†So last night I was tired any way but to ensure I fall asleep quickly I took a melatonin pill. Which did the trick by the way. ¬†I don’t know maybe my body decided that 4 hours of sleep was enough. ¬†…or perhaps it was because I was wear pajama pants. ¬†Yeah, I think that was it. ¬†See, I usually wear boxer shorts when I go to sleep. ¬†The apartment felt a bit cool last night so I wore pajama pants to bed. ¬†I may have been too warm.

Should I take a nap today?
I probably will take one. ¬†Even though I am fully awake now, I will most likely crash by noon. ¬†Hopefully it won’t take up my entire afternoon though. We shall see.

What probably didn’t help me was the fact that when I woke up at 12:43 was when I looked at the clock again and saw that it was pass 1 – I had decided to check my emails. Next thing I knew I was reading other blog posts. ¬†I look at the clock again and suddenly it was getting near 3AM. ¬†I know I need to get a sleep pattern down soon. ¬†Otherwise, my health will soon be affected – I’ve never had a strong immune system after all.